Amber Heard’s couples, before and after Johnny Depp

The love history of Amber Heard includes men and women high profile, like the millionaire Elon Muskthe director of photography Bianca Butty and of course the actor Johnny Deppwith whom he is now waging a legal battle for defamation in the United States.

Currently the actress is single and dedicating her time to his daughter one year old called Oonagh Paige (in addition to the trial), which she had by surrogacy and whose father is unknown. However, this does not mean that her romantic life is not a roller coaster.

Below we list the personalities that conquered the heart of the American actress Amber Heard.

Amber Heard’s couples, before and after Johnny Depp

1. Valentino Lanus

The Mexican dated Amber in 2006. At the time, Heard, 20, was not famous, but Lanus, 31, was already popular in Mexico for his soap operas.

They were together for 10 months and it is rumored that they met through a mutual friend. It is believed that they broke up because Amber wanted to focus on her career in Hollywood.

Amber Heard's couples, before and after Johnny Depp

Photo: El Universal Archive/ LILIA ABARCA

2. Tasya van Ree

Amber began a relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree in 2008. Their romance was so intense that Heard legally changed his last name to his girlfriend’s.

A year after their affair began, the blonde was arrested for domestic violence against Tasya, who years later said that Amber had been wrongfully accused and the incident was exaggerated and misrepresented. They separated in 2012 and the actress recovered the Heard, her birth name.

3.Johnny Depp

Johnny and Amber met in 2009 during the filming of the movie The Rum Diaries. Rumors of their courtship began in 2011 and by 2012 they formally announced their relationship. Two years later they got engaged and in 2015 they got married.

Their love story ended 15 months later, when Heard filed for divorce, claiming she had been victim of domestic violence by Depp. In 2017 the procedures were finalized, in 2018 she published an article about the abuses she had suffered without giving names, and today they are fighting in United States courts for a defamation lawsuit.

Amber Heard's couples, before and after Johnny Depp

Photo: AP

4.Elon Musk

Amber Heard and Elon Musk they met in 2013 during the recordings of the tape Machete Kills. Depp alleges that she was unfaithful to him with the tycoon a month after they were married in 2015, but they were seen affectionately until the summer of 2016, when they were both free.

Their courtship lasted until 2018 and they ended on good terms, so much so that a photo of both still remains on Amber’s Instagram account.

Amber Heard's couples, before and after Johnny Depp

Photo: Instagram @amberheard

5. Vito Schnabel

Less than six months after the breakup with Musk, international media reported that Amber was dating art gallery owner Vito Schnabel. They broke up after less than a year due to commitments that kept them apart.

6. Andres Muschietti

By March 2019, Heard was seen kissing Andrés Muschietti, film director and mind behind the film. Item (That). Nothing else is known about their relationship.

7. Bianca Butti

In January 2020, the actress was caught kissing cinematographer Bianca Butti. Their relationship ended in December 2021 due to their schedules, which led them to spend long periods apart.

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Amber Heard’s couples, before and after Johnny Depp