An endless source of memes, Laura Bozzo in The House of Celebrities

Since we knew that there would be a second season of ‘The House of the Famous’The popular reality shows from Telemundoa small list of participants was rumored, among which were Laura Bozzo and Niurka Marcos.

Audience expected the famous vedette to present her personality to us once again and that it was perhaps the objective of the memes that emerged from this program, however, the one that has received all the attention and the greatest creation of these funny images was the driver of Peruvian TV.

That’s how it is, “Miss Laura” She herself has been an entrance to the program, reason enough for Internet users to be very attentive to everything she does and with her creativity making memes and rescuing funny situations that have been experienced within the show.

Although there are several Famousshe has been the one who has received the most attention, apparently this format benefits her a lot, what is the opportunity to present us who she really is, what her real personality is like, something that we had not had the opportunity to see, because normally he dedicated himself to driving and practically following what was planned for his programs.

If at this time you enter Twitter and you write the name Laura Bozzo in the search engine you will find thousands of funny images, Internet users interpret any situation to get its funny side.


Laura Bozzo made Twitter full of memes in her honor.

Let us remember that Laura was previously being persecuted by the authorities for evading taxes, a debt that she had with the tax administration service of more than 13 million Mexican pesos, in addition to having sold a property seized by the same SAT.

Right now all of that is in the past, the famous Peruvian is now a source of endless memes, apparently she will continue on this show for quite some time and maybe her fans will save her and take her to the final, all for continuing to watch your actions and turn them into funny images or videos that even go viral.

Each of the published memes is very funny, we recommend that you enter the little blue bird social network so that you continue to find many more images about it, Internet users assure that Laura Bozzo represents them, entry to “La Casa de los Famosos” has been the most successful, probably she is the reason why they have a very good rating.

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An endless source of memes, Laura Bozzo in The House of Celebrities