An ex of Ben Affleck revealed what the actor thinks about Jennifer Lopez’s butt

His name is Katie cherry, is 35 years old, is a composer of music for films and, for a few months in 2019, had an intense romance with Ben affleck. Now, two years after this relationship, the woman decided to give an interview in which she told details of her intimacy with the ‘Pearl Harbor’ actor. And something else: he revealed how Affleck defined a certain part of his current partner’s anatomy, Jennifer Lopez.

Cherry told part of her story with the Hollywood star in the American magazine In Touch. She said that, in June 2019, she had made contact with the interpreter of ‘Batman’ through the application to match singles Raya, which is a kind of Tinder for the rich and famous.

“We talked on FaceTime for four months before we met in person. It was not every day, but it was from time to time, “said the woman, who added that, on the first date, they met on the terrace of a bar in Santa Monica, California. Describing Affleck’s personality, Cherry said: “It’s very sweet, lovely and super fun”.

Then, he gave details about what he wanted from a couple at that time: “He was looking for something serious, he did not talk about marriage, but he told me ‘I love you’ very, very quickly. He also suggested that I go live with him ”.

The musical composer added that she moved into the actor’s mansion for a time. “Most of the time we were eating good things and watching movies. He was joking all the time, it almost made it impossible to focus on the movie. “

At one point in the interview, Katie was asked about her thoughts on the return of “Bennifer”, the couple formed by Ben Affleck and Jennifer López, who fell in love again in 2021 after having a relationship in the early 2000s and having been separated for 17 years.

Ben and Jennifer “are at the same time in their lives,” Cherry reflected. “He and JLo have children. Ben likes to be with the family. He’s looking for something deep, and obviously he feels very connected to it, “said the former actor and director.

But when talking about JLo, the woman could not help but tell an intimacy about the question she asked her boyfriend at the time about a part of the body of the actress and singer. “When he and I were together, I asked Ben: ‘What is JLo’s butt like?‘”.

To justify such an unusual question, Cherry told the aforementioned publication: “I had to ask him. She is an icon. Is incredible”. Then he said that Affleck responded with a single, forceful adjective: “Phenomenal”.

At the time Cherry dated the “Argo” director, he was recently separated from actress Jennifer Garner, while the “Let’s Get Loud” singer was in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez. “That was literally the only time he ever talked to me about Jennifer,” Katie said.

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An ex of Ben Affleck revealed what the actor thinks about Jennifer Lopez’s butt