An infidelity would have been the reason for the end of the relationship between Egan Bernal and his girlfriend

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This week, news broke that the Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal and his girlfriend, the young veterinarian María Fernanda Motas would have put an end to their relationship, which had started just a year ago and that was made known when the rider published a photograph by being crowned champion of the Giro d’Italia.

The followers of the couple also realized that they deleted the photos in which they were together at different times of their relationship, just as none of their photographs have been commented on again, a sign that according to Internet users is a bad omen.

The entertainment program ‘Lo Sé Todo’ on Channel 1 in its Friday edition, dedicated a space of almost five minutes in which they talked about the sentimental life of the rider. In the first place, that media added to the versions that indicate that Bernal and Motas finished, indicating that it would be an alleged infidelity due to a video broadcast by the program when they saw him in the company of another woman.

“Everything seems to indicate that there was an infidelity here. The chunk was said. The following information arrived in our newsroom that this just out of the oven “, said presenter Ariel Osorio, who proceeded to tell more details about that story.

And I add: “According to what we were told, on Halloween Egan was celebrating with several people. He was quite close to a young woman, danced, sang and enjoyed the party to the fullest “.

The journalist pointed out that in the images released during the conversation on the program, the Giro d’Italia champion the young woman was seen very embraced, dancing with her, who was the one who would have recorded the video and shared it as an Instagram story, but this was not the only thing that ‘El gordo Ariel’ commented on his program, the journalist added:

“They told us that that night there was a kiss with this character, with her. Reviewing social networks, she herself has published a photograph with Egan Bernal and gentlemen, she assured him that the night she lived was unforgettable ”.

But the story did not end there, in addition to what he had already told ‘Lo Sé Todo’ showed the publication made by the young woman who shared the Halloween party with Egan Bernal. The woman uploaded a photo with the rider and wrote: “I went out in a calm plan and ended up partying with Egan Bernal. What a night last night, nothing more to say. Egan Bernal and I, the couple of the moment ”.

Taken from Channel 1 - Live Signal I Know Everything
Taken from Channel 1 – Live Signal I Know Everything

The most striking thing is that, according to Osorio, Bernal would not be formally linked to the young woman at that Halloween party. “Everything seems to indicate that this adventure was only for one night. Because later they saw him at another party, sharing with more women “he added.

However, her setmate Elianis Garrido, asked to give the athlete the benefit of the doubt, as she assures that it could be a phrase with sarcasm due to the time in which it developed.

But in ‘I know everything’ they told more about the cyclist’s sentimental situation. “Egan is in Dubai right now, but he is not alone. I would be in company, according to the information that has reached our writing, possibly with another beautiful woman, a very beautiful woman. We review social networks and they effectively follow each other ”, concluded the presenter.


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An infidelity would have been the reason for the end of the relationship between Egan Bernal and his girlfriend