Ana Patricia, Carolina Sandoval, Alejandra Espinoza, Jomari Goyso and more celebrities who achieve success in their podcasts

A year ago, a company called Pitaya had a dream: that We Latinos in the United States would have our own space on a platform that is not so much ours, the podcasts.. That they talk to us about what we want, and who we want.

The first step was to look for accomplices among the most beloved, talents such as Ana Patricia Gámez, Jomari Goyso, Alejandra Espinoza, Giselle Blondet, Carolina Sandoval and Yordi, among others.

Some fell by the wayside, and most became the happy moment for the public, when week after week they share a story.

One year after the dream that became an unprecedented event, We speak with Jordi Oliveres, executive of Pitaya, who tells us what was the secret of discovering the new love of Latinos: the podcasts made for us, by ours.

Ana Patricia Gamez. Photo: Latin Icons

-Could you imagine such a big success in such a short time?

Jorge Oliveres: We decided to create the company because precisely we saw this enormous opportunity in the Latin market for podcasts. Latinos in the United States spend more hours watching TV than non-Latinos, we spend more time listening to the radio, music, on social networks, but in podcasts we were behind in consumption compared to the general population, and surveys indicated that this delay was due to the fact that Latinos did not know how to find podcaststhat there was no talk about the topics that interest us.

-What do you think is the secret of a podcast? Because a podcast grabs you only when you discover it…

Jorge Oliveres: is the one can be heard while doing other activitiesSo if you have to spend a lot of time in the car going to work, when you go to the gym, when you clean the house… It’s not like a movie or a YouTube video that you have to be doing that specifically. And on the other hand, people say they feel a very strong and very personal connection is created with the podcast hostYou have seen Ana Patricia Gámez on TV and you love what you see, but you do not feel that you know her as if she were your friendand in the personal podcast that tells of his life, people describe it as being at the table with one more friend, I think it’s that intimacy, that closeness and that connection that only a podcast can give you because other media do not give it to you.

Jordi Oiliveres, executive of the successful Pitaya podcast. Photo: Latin Icons

-Your podcasts are made only with talents, was that the goal of success?

Jorge Oliveres: Definitely, because I think that returning to the topic that we Latinos said that there were no podcasts that spoke to our interests, and that many of us also did not know how to find a podcast, our idea was: Let’s look for the talent that we know is very loved by the community, who talks about topics that interest the community that is, on their social networks, on TV, on the radio, because they all have a presence in several different media. Let’s also take the opportunity to look for figures who have millions of followers on their networks, and who through the networks can tell people, “Maybe I’ve never listened to a podcast, but it’s an incredible experience, it’s worth listening to my podcasts ”.

-How is the cuisine of a Pitaya podcast?

Jorge Oliveres: Part of the challenge was to find a concept for the podcasts that would interest the public, that is, it can’t just be a podcast of a person talking for half an hour about anything, you have to focus on something that is interesting, entertaining, so each podcast has a producer, who works with the talent… Something very interesting about podcasts is that you can also receive feedback from the public very quickly.

Carolina Sandoval premieres her own Podcast
Carolina Sandoval premieres her own Podcast. Photo: Latin Icons

-What do people tell you?

Jorge Oliveres: That they feel this new connection and this more intimate relationship with the Hosts, that they are getting to know them. It works very well when they use the platform to talk about some personal topic, the topic more in depth. For example, once Ana Patricia spoke about her relationship with her husbandand how she met him and her husband was passing through the room and invited him to sit down for 5 minutes and that podcast was a huge hit, because people had never heard of it.

-What have you discovered in this process of your talents?

Jorge Oliveres: It never ceases to amaze us how professional, flexible, responsible and open they are in this job… They reveal things about podcasts that they don’t tell anyone. Jomari spoke with his mother in ehe podcast of how it was for the mother not to find out that Jomari was going to have surgery until she saw it on her networks. Ale Espinoza talked about why she was in the hospital… I have been impressed by how open they are and how they really want to connect with their audience.

Alejandra Espinoza and her sister Damaris Jimenez
Alejandra Espinoza and her sister Damaris Jiménez. Photo: Courtesy Latin Icons

-You’ve already achieved success, what’s next now that the public knows you?

Jorge Oliveres: We are starting, this was the first year of going out with everything, to say that there are already podcasts for Latinos in the United States, we are here and that clearly there is a great appetite, not only from the public but also from the brands, sponsors have joined that had never been announced in a podcast for Latinos beforethat trend is going to continue, I would tell you that we are happy with what we have achieved, but that it is hardly the beginning.

As a company, what is the message you seek to give to Latinos with this platform?

Jorge Oliveres: That we know that content is made by people in the community for the community, and that we understand the incredible diversity, that Latinos are not just one thing, but we come from many different places. We all have different stories, interests and that is why we have a wide variety of contentand each time more, that in the Pitaya podcast you will find that there are many options that will talk to you and about a topic that interests youand but the super important thing is that the content is always authentic, that it represents the diversity of our own community.

‘Ana Patricia Without Filters’, ‘Between Sisters with Alejandra Espinoza and Damaris Jiménez’, ‘Cuéntamelo Todo with Carolina Sandoval’, ‘Sin Rodeo with Jomari Goyso’, ‘De Todo un Mucho with Yordi Rosado and Martha Higareda’are some of the podcasts of your favorite artists.



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Ana Patricia, Carolina Sandoval, Alejandra Espinoza, Jomari Goyso and more celebrities who achieve success in their podcasts