Ana Patricia Gámez returned to ‘Falling in love’ and Karina Banda was the one who announced it

Karina Banda was the one who received Ana Patricia Gámez back.

Karina Banda was the one who received Ana Patricia Gámez back.

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Ana Patricia Gamez returned to ‘Falling in Love’, as we told you exclusively a week ago and Karina Banda was the one who made the announcement and welcomed herJust as at the time Karla Martínez’s sister-in-law did the same with her when she left the program to take a break and be with her family and grow her businesses.

Yesterday Karina Banda, who was the presenter until today, announced that she was leaving ‘Falling in love’ to be the presenter of the reality show, ‘La Isla de Enamoranos’ for ViX streaming of Televisa Univision.

And this Friday just as 9 months ago Ana Patricia welcomed him, Karina received Gámez, after telling Rafael Aranedto leaving him with his original partner.

Dressed in white, and dancing with cupids and lovers, Ana Patricia entered and the first thing she did was hug Karina, who looked moved and on the verge of tears.. Later he continued with Araneda.

Finally, taking Banda’s hands, he said the following: “I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for this great project, which will take you to a paradisiacal island to continue finding love.. It is a great opportunity to continue growing, you, the only one, the incomparable, Karina Banda, the queen… I am very happy for you, because you are still with the Univision family, we continue to grow“.

Then, she kept talking, but after her return, and explaining why, if she left 9 months ago because she wanted to be a full-time mother, she returned today.

“It’s definitely a great night, here I am again to team up with you (Karina), with Rafa, the cupids, all of them, so that everyone finds love… I believe that all women shine when we unite and support each other, and this is an opportunity for both.

Almost a year ago I made a decision, which I do not regret, to take a break from television to watch my children growspending quality time with them, I have had projects, ventures, I needed to heal personal mourning, you know what I mean, and I have done it all this time, and today I am ready to be here again.

All of us who are mothers always seek the best for our children, and all the time we ask ourselves if we are making the right decisions, I know that I do it when I make them out of love and not out of fear that’s what’s important, and when they called me again the path of ‘Falling in love’, of course, this is my family and with the same emotion I do itbecause I have grown up here in many ways, because my children have come here, they have seen me shine, and I feel that all mothers need admiration and respect.

Today I raise the flag for all the moms who decide to take a break, to be at home with their childrenalso for all those who have to work, and who do not have a job, you have two, three, and also for all these women who decide to return to the labor fieldl, to the daily battle, but this is not a battle, it’s a party”, he concluded to start dancing with everyone in the studio.

As we told you, it was how it happened. This Monday, Ana Patricia will take back control of the female leadership, and Karina will visit them from time to time to tell them about the development of the reality show that will take place in Turkey.



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Ana Patricia Gámez returned to ‘Falling in love’ and Karina Banda was the one who announced it