Ana Rosenfeld referred to the millionaire dispute between Wanda Nara and Maxi López: “They have decided to end all lawsuits”

Wanda Nara and Maxi López

Since their separation in 2013, Wanda Nara and Maxi López, parents of Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, have constantly held legal disputes in Argentina and Italy for different reasons: the visitation regime, the food quota and bans on speaking to the media. In the last days It transpired that the businesswoman had to pay her ex-husband “three fines of 50 thousand dollars or its equivalent in pesos” for not respecting the legal muzzle that he had imposed on her to prevent her from speaking publicly about him.

However, it seems that the blonde’s divorce request from Mauro Icardi after she found messages with China Suárez and the help that her ex gave her these days taking care of the children they have in common and her girls and the PSG striker They served to bring positions closer together and put an end once and for all to their judicial fights.

“Beyond the fact that this issue is strictly procedural, I clarify that between Mrs. Wanda Nara and Mr. Maxi López they have resolved to put an end to all the lawsuits between them, to date”, Hill Ana Rosenfeld a statement that she sent to Teleshow.

In the text, the lawyer also refers to the information that ensures that her client must pay money to her ex: “Given the versions that circulate about possible fines that Wanda Nara should pay to Maxi López for having – allegedly – violated the self-satisfying measure imposed so that it did not refer to personal aspects of your divorce (legal muzzle), I clarify that my client to date, has nothing to pay for this concept ”.

He also clarified that “The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation has not ruled on the merits of the matter. For its part, the Family Court No. 5 of San Isidro never transferred the hypothetical transgressions “added the lawyer.

In dialogue with Teleshow Andrés Beccar Varela, Maxi’s lawyer had explained: “When the conflict began in 2013 we asked for a self-satisfying measure commonly called ‘legal muzzle’ By virtue of which Wanda was prohibited from exposing issues related to the conflictive divorce in the media and on social networks in order to preserve her children ”.

“He was fined under the general infringement procedure of 50 thousand dollars for each infraction. The measure was against Wanda so that she would abstain and also abstain through interposite people. However, beyond the resolution, she did not miss a moment or opportunity to expose the conflict in the different media. There were several infractions, many, and proving them was quite complex and took a long time but finally we were able to accredit three with evidence, although there were many more ”, added the lawyer.

Thus, he confirmed that it was certain statements by Ana Rosenfeld about the divorce that they could use to prove to the Justice that the requested legal muzzle had not been respected: “He spoke of the issues that he did not have to discuss and it was ordered that Wanda Nara had to pay for them.”

The judicial process after the initiative of López was appealed by Wanda Nara initially in the Chamber of San Isidro, later by the Supreme Court, both denied, and later by the Court that also rejected the extraordinary appeal. However, as a last resort, the mother of the player’s three children He went to the Court as a “complaint appeal”, but did not give rise to the claim, leaving Maxi’s request as a final and immovable ruling. In this way, the current wife of Mauro Icardi he will have to pay those three fines of 50 thousand dollars or its equivalent in pesos, according to the information provided by Beccar Varela.

With their legal disputes aside, Rosenfeld said, Wanda and Maxi began to find the harmony they needed. This week while she was deciding her future with her husband, he moved to Paris and settled in an apartment that he rented with his wife to be close to their children and also offered to take care of Francesca and Isabella, which he did on Monday, to that his ez and Icardi could talk and resolve their situation calmly.


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Ana Rosenfeld referred to the millionaire dispute between Wanda Nara and Maxi López: “They have decided to end all lawsuits”