Ana Rosenfeld told why Mauro Icardi closed his Instagram and what was Wanda Nara’s reaction

Wanda Nara and Ana Rosenfeld
Wanda Nara and Ana Rosenfeld

Days ago, a series of virtual movements made tremble again the foundations of the relationship between Wanda Nara Y Mauro Icardi. It all happened on Saturday night, when the soccer player stopped following the businesswoman on Instagram, who at the same time published a suggestive image with one of his daughters. Soon after, the forward of the paris st germain He canceled his account on the social network, in which he has eight million followers.

Ana Rosenfeld referred to the commercial and emotional relationship of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi (in the afternoon)

Since then, rumors returned about a relationship that was not the same after the soccer player’s affair with Eugenia The China Suarez, which exploded in mid-October last year. Without Mauro in cyberspace, the only references to the couple are from Wanda’s profile, and from what is seen in her account, everything seems to be going smoothly. In fact, on Wednesday shared photos and videos of a safari he did with Icardi and their daughters, Francesca and Isabella.

This Friday, Anne Rosenfeldlawyer and friend of Wanda, was in in the afternoon to clarify the goals in the virtual, business and emotional situation of his client and the footballer. Regarding the issue of networks, he assured that Wanda is not opposed to the virtual presence of her husband. In fact, she quoted what her friend told her. “How am I going to oppose, with the followers he has, that he doesn’t have networks?” said the lawyer, alleging a purely commercial reason.

“Why does Mauro not have networks?” They wanted to know then the program conducted by Karina Mazzocco. According to Rosenfeld, it was a personal reason. “He decided to unsubscribe. Everyone asked him things and there came a time when he said enough. He felt very bad about everything that was generated from what was in the public domain and that at this time it was not good for him to say ‘I follow so many’ or ‘I don’t follow any’, “said the lawyer and before a question of Deborah D’Amato denied that Wanda had caught him stalking to China. “I categorically deny it”sentenced.

Wanda Nara went on safari with Icardi and her daughters

“Between Wanda and Mauro, is the commercial couple or the romantic couple more active?” asked, spicy, Cora Debarbieri. “They know how to separate what is emotional, what is the family, the couple and the boys from what is the business partner”, he pointed out, and highlighted the benefits of his client. “Commercially, Wanda is brilliant, I am personally in charge of registering the brand not only here, but throughout the world.”

“You didn’t answer the question,” the driver protested, and Rosenfeld addressed the matter. “I talk all the time with Wanda. The commercial one, the one managed by Wanda, is doing perfectly well. That is why in the networks Wanda would never oppose having Instagram. And the emotional, are chapters in the life of the couple. I think they’re fine today.”Hill.

While her lawyer was on screen in America, Wanda was posting postcards of family intimacy in Paris. There she saw Francesca and Isabella, each taking her mate, while Mauro played with his cell phone. Also seen in the footage is Kenny Palacios, Wanda’s assistant and confidant, who plays with one of her pets. A day like any other, which is far from showing a critical panorama. Although in this case you never know and we will have to wait for new chapters.


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Ana Rosenfeld told why Mauro Icardi closed his Instagram and what was Wanda Nara’s reaction