Anahí was fighting against this harsh disease when she was recording RBD; What is it about?

Anahi, who currently remains away from the stage and the artistic medium in general, rose to fame thanks to the telenovela Rebel (2004-2006). In that inter, he was part of the band RBD, beside Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Sweet Maria, Christian chavez Y Christopher Uckermann.

The Mexican actress and singer de began his career from an early age. His first television appearance was on the famous children’s show Kiddies (1986), in which he captivated the public when he was just 3 years old. My little naughty (1997) and Daniela’s diary (1998) are just some of the productions in which he attracted attention.

However, his performance in Class 406 (2003) opened the doors to be part of Rebel and at the same time of the group RBD. However, before this success, Anahi fought for years with a hard disease while filming the iconic soap opera.

Chris Uckermann, Maite Perroni, Poncho Herrera, Anahí, Chris Chávez and Dulce María. Photo: Special

Anahí’s serious illness

A priori to their participation in Rebel, Class 406 Y First love … at a thousand an hour, the latter in the year 2000, the also businesswoman Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla fell into a strong depression caused by the death of his grandmother, whom he saw as his second mother.

During an interview for the show Ear, broadcast in 2004, Anahi He said that after the death of his grandmother in 1997, that is, when she was only 17 years, stopped making him hungry and caring about his physique. The result? Anorexy.

“When I began to notice the (bodily) change I started to like it and that was the problem. It begins to become an obsession, an addiction. It is an optical illusion, I looked in the mirror and I looked terrible, horrible and I thought that in order to look pretty I was going to lose weight, “she lamented.

The actress, who gave life to Mia Colucci in Rebel, detailed that by the anorexy came to weigh less than 40 kilograms. In addition, she was admitted to a large number of clinics and hospitals, underwent many treatments, and was cared for by psychologists and psychiatrists.

I weighed 34 kilosObviously they never saw me like this, I never appeared in any novels or magazines like that. I was in three different clinics, hospitals, treatments, psychologists and the saddest thing is that I was taking my whole family with me. ”

He also recalled the occasion when one day when he arrived at the hospital, his heart stopped, but thanks to the quick attention of the doctors, he had a second chance at life. “My heart stopped for eight seconds, very hard, and they managed to revive me”, He said.

What is anorexia?

According to the Secretary of Health of the Government of Mexico, anorexia is a eating disorder that causes people to lose more weight than is considered healthy in which the main factors are the anxiety and the depression, as in the case of Anahi.

The disease is characterized by irrational fear of gaining weight and by a wrong perception of one’s own body that makes the person look fat. Those who suffer from it considerably reduce their food intake and in some cases exercise in an exaggerated way.

The anorexy may cause malnutrition, anemia, and loss of bone calcification, a situation that can lead to death. In Mexico, each year around 20 thousand cases of anorexia.

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Anahí was fighting against this harsh disease when she was recording RBD; What is it about?