Anahí with an abdomen more marked than that of Bárbara de Regil, makes one sigh

Despite staying away from the spotlight and the stage for a long time, the singer, a former member of RBD, Anahi, continues to stay in shape, and looks better every time. In fact, with an abdomen more marked than that of Barbara de Regil, makes more than one sigh.

The beautiful 38-year-old actress and singer, star of the telenovela Rebel, Anahi, shared with his followers a fun video in which he shows himself taking a walk on the beach, showing off his spectacular figure with an uncovered abdomen, which, it could be noted, has more squares than that of the fitness influencer Barbara de Regil.

In the video you can see the interpreter of Save me walking very seductively on the beach, wearing a set of leggings and black lycra top, while her head lowers her dark glasses to accommodate them in front of her eyes, when suddenly, what no one expected happened, and caused grace and fun in her viewers.

And it is that, without noticing it, the water reached her from behind, which climbed through the sand until it reached Anahi, so she gave a great scream and laugh, which took her out of the concentration in which she was.

“Like when you try to record the perfect story. A fun memory, “he wrote in his post.

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However, far from the funny anecdote, everyone was amazed by her beauty, and above all, with her spectacular figure, and her fully marked abdomen, product of the intense exercise that he performs frequently, and that has helped him to stay in shape, as well as his healthy diet.

This was demonstrated in a video that he published a few days ago in which he showed one of his intense routines doing Pilates with a large ball through which he rolled his feet while he was in a lying position on the floor, compressing his abdomen and rear in order to form a diagonal.

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“Perfect muse goddess fitness”, “Duel of beauties of nature, you and the sea”, “Always perfect, my princess”, “Incredibly perfect”, “I want that abdomen”, “Inspirational muse”, “But, my God How perfect you are ”,“ What a body !! ”were some of the comments she received.

Definitely, Anahi has been one of the most beloved and besieged celebrities by the public, and although since his epic streaming concert at the meeting of RBD, with Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann and Christian chavez, has stayed away from the spotlight, her fans are happy because she has been more active on social networks, as well as launching contributions for brands, such as baby clothes with Baby Creysi, and her makeup brand; although they hope to see her singing live or on the screen again.

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Anahí with an abdomen more marked than that of Bárbara de Regil, makes one sigh