Anamá Ferreira’s trip to Brazil with Thelma Fardin: “I got into a war that is not mine, although many people told me not to”

Anama Ferreira and Thelma Fardin
Anama Ferreira and Thelma Fardin

—Hello Thelma, I’m Anama, shall we have a coffee?

Anamá Ferreira was at home when the news broke announcing that the trial against Juan Darthés in São Paulo returned to zero page. Fardin’s tears before the court’s decision were not indifferent to the former model, who, oblivious to the case and without knowing the actress personally, decided to contribute her part so that the truth can be reached.

The first thing Ferreira did, determined to help, was to contact her friend Carla Junqueira Brazilian lawyer with a doctorate in international law who lives between São Paulo and Buenos Aires and who was asked to read the 500 pages of Thelma’s case. With the “yes” of her countrywoman, she met the actress for coffee and in a totally disinterested way, made herself available to contact her lawyer, travel with her to help her understand the language and accompany her.

Thus, the two women together with the lawyer and Melania Buero, collaborator of Actrices Argentinas and friend of Fardin, landed on Wednesday morning in San Pablo. “I promised her that I was not going to leave her stranded in Brazil because she did not know anything, she does not speak the language and it is difficult even though we are such a close country.”, said Anama to teleshow and explained that her friend had already “arranged several meetings with lawyers to try to prosecute the case.”

Carla Junqueira, Thelma Fardin and Anama Ferreira
Carla Junqueira, Thelma Fardin and Anama Ferreira

“I translate because the lawyers speak fast, she doesn’t understand, and I’m happy because I feel I can be a support for her”said who clarified that her work is totally selfless, that she paid for her tickets and that during these days she is staying at her friend’s.

— How did this accompaniment come about?

—Carla is my friend and when it happened that she (Thelma) lost here in Brazil and was very sad crying, that she had nothing here and did not know the language and that they had stopped the trial, I was very sad. I got into a war that is not mine, even though many people told me not to. My motto is to help and do a chain of favors, I have no interest in the story, but it is about a woman who felt abandoned alone and against a country with another language. So I spoke with Carla who, in addition to being a lawyer, knows other colleagues and her mother is a specialist in gender violence, to help.

“Did you know Thelma?”

“No, not personally. But one day when I saw her on television crying and so fragile I made up my mind and called her, I said ‘I’m Anama, I want to have a coffee with you, I want to offer you help’. When she found out that Carla would take her case, she began to cry, I told her, ‘everything will cry now but I don’t want to see you crying anymore, you have to be a strong warrior, now you have someone who is going to talk to you and you have to be fine For that.

—And how did you make the proposal to Carla?

—Before speaking with Thelma, I spoke with her and told her, ‘This is the case, study the process’, she studied the 500 pages before saying yes. We have known you for some time. I approached a group of Women from Brazil, we are a community with women who are all over the world, about 100,000, it is a very powerful and apolitical group, because I do not want to be even in a side or the other of the crack.

In this way, Martín Ariasl Duval will continue to represent Thelma in Argentina, but Junqueira will represent her along with other colleagues in Brazil. Yesterday they met with the Argentine Consul Luis Kreckler. On the agenda are meetings with Amnesty International Brazil and Brazilian Actresses, with Ambassador Daniel Scioli in São Paulo and on Monday, when Ferreira is back in Buenos Aires, the actress will attend an event organized by Me Too. Howeverone of the most important is the face-to-face appointment that they will have tomorrow with the court that declared the trial null and void.

The most important thing for Anama: “I feel that Thelma is fine. It’s about helping and I don’t care what they say, they told me not to get involved, but I have a daughter and I don’t want her to need tomorrow and no one to help her, you have to make a chain. She is now very well contained, what I want is a fair trial, that evidence is presented and that the jury decides.

“You get off the plane here and you think ‘what am I doing in this city of 40 million people?’ That’s why I wanted to help”he said and confessed that he is taking the opportunity to try to distract himself with Thelma: “This is also my first post-pandemic trip, it was hard for me to fly, I was screaming on the plane, but now in addition to taking care of this we take the opportunity to drink some caipirinhas and eat feijoada, I am from Rio, I am not local, but we are taking her everywhere to meet her, see her smile, more relaxed knowing that someone else takes care of her are priceless, everyone has the right to a fair trial and it is necessary to help”.


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Anamá Ferreira’s trip to Brazil with Thelma Fardin: “I got into a war that is not mine, although many people told me not to”