“And one that is super rich”, Daniella Chávez and her successful campaign

Daniella Chavez It is more than a pretty face and a more than beautiful body and that is why it knows how to take advantage of its physical attributes to achieve what it wants that is why it has campaigned with the phrase “And one that is super rich” in social networks.

A few days ago, this beautiful woman shared that those who support the candidate of her choice in this debate for power in Chile could earn a free week of their private content and apparently the gifts for those who support their candidate remain in increase.

The beautiful Daniella Chavez He surprised his followers on Twitter this morning by sharing a couple of photographs in which the Chilean singer looks more than spectacular along with a message that makes it very clear how sad it would be if the opposition party won.

The Bride of the America’s Cup She shared that if the left-wing candidate leaves power, they would have to pay more taxes, that they wanted the richest to pay more and that she who “is so rich” would be in trouble; thus inviting his followers to lean towards his candidate.

So if the leftist candidate comes out, will I have to pay more taxes? How you want to charge more to the super rich! And one that is super rich is not fair! Wrote the beautiful Daniella.

Along with the phrase, you can see the beautiful Daniella Chávez enjoying what seems to be a day at the pool, because she is playing with a huge pink swan and she looks really voluptuous with a small pink two-piece swimsuit that also leaves a lot of her skin and curves in sight; Besides that the expression of the model is inexplicable.


Daniella Chávez campaigns, “And one that is super rich.” Photo: Instagram.

Dany has proven to be a strong and objective woman, she is little interested in ideas of what corresponds to men or women, believes in equality and talks the same about sneakers as about power and soccer.

The Chilean has been talking for weeks about power in her social networks and inviting Internet users to lean towards the option that she considers the best; even looking to reward them in some way for doing so.

Daniella Chavez She also becomes a sensation when the Chilean team plays, whom she fervently supports and from before the game begins to send her good vibes and dedicated photos that are appreciated by social networks.

During matches she becomes a true fan commenting on her emotions when they score or when something bothers her from the referee and others; she definitely has the title and crown of La Novia de la Copa América.

It is said that Daniella came to Televisa, in Mexico, thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo; Well, rumors about a supposed relationship between them and that she would be the cause of their separation from Irina Shayk, put her in the public eye.

The followers of CR7 with great speed searched on social networks who that beautiful woman was about and that was how her popularity increased until she fell in the interest of Televisa and ended up as part of the Copa América sports team.

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“And one that is super rich”, Daniella Chávez and her successful campaign