Andrés García revealed how a MARRIED WOMAN FALLEN IN LOVE: VIDEO

When you think you have already known, read or heard all the amorous adventures that Andrés García lived, this comes to convince us that it is just the beginning of all that can remember. The actor and Mexican film lover, shared one more of his weekly shows through his YouTube channel, which on this occasion addressed an interesting topic that has always marked and defined it.

Andres Garcia This time he spoke about his love experiences with married women, an area where he found several moments of happiness and, which happened, gave him the opportunity to make many women happy in this situation.

With the lucid memory and the sincere self-confidence that characterizes him, Andrés revealed his romantic secrets to conquer those women with commitment that knocked on his door more than once,

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Two women joined him! and this happened …

It was the year 1980, Andrés García was the most attractive man of fashion and the most attractive man in the national cinema in full maturity with a manly and dashing appearance.

It was the moment when he filmed the ‘The Sexologist’ (Memoirs of a medical visitor), film where he met those who he defined as the most beautiful women of the time. One was Amparo Muñoz, Spanish actress and former beauty queen; the other, Grace Renat, a vedette of Veracruz origin. He wanted to conquer both at the same time and this happened.

Amparo Muñoz

“When I did the movie ‘The Sexologist’ I met two of the most beautiful women in the world at that time, one was Amparo Muñoz, a former Miss Universe, and a beautiful woman. And the other was Grace Renat, a starlet who was a hottie, a beauty, “Andres began to relate.

“The anecdote that happened to me with them is that I loved both of them and therefore I threw the dogs at both of them, but they were avoiding me because they realized I wanted to double. I finally get Amparo to accept me to see us in me bedroom, I gave him the key, he gets on and gets ready, I go up already excited at a thousand per hour like a running donkey.

She arrived and we started talking and caressing each other, when Grace Renat enters … I had forgotten that I had called her at the same time. Look if I was hanging …!

To finish off the moment, which could not get worse, Andrés accepted that it did not have the end that he expected.

“And he meets Amparo and says: ‘that’s why I didn’t want to go out with you because you don’t have a fill with women, so don’t count on me’ and he left. And Amparo, who was already in bed, told me: ‘well Neither with me ‘, he gets dressed and leaves. And they leave me there like the dog with the two cakes, “he recalled.

Grace renat

How to hang out with a married woman? Andrés responds

Questioned by a YouTube user, Andrés was asked what he recommended to be with a married woman and that her husband did not realize it. Without hesitation, Andrés García commented.

“How difficult it is that the husband does not find out, it is very difficult. In the long run they find out or they tell themselves eh, when they find out that the husband is with others and they say ‘well, I’m with so-and-so.’ It happened to me … “he revealed.

After this reflection, he confessed an anecdote when a Colonel or Major of the Mexican Army, according to his recollection, he berated him because he believed that Andrés walked with his wife, this because she had confessed that. Andrés, meanwhile, accepted that he had only walked with the wife of an American military, but not from Mexicans. The rest of the story is not to be missed.

He made love with an ice cube!

To top it off, Andrés gave advice on how to conquer a married woman when making love. With some details and tips that more than one could take advantage of, Andres Garcia confessed that on one occasion he conquered a lady in the love art by using an ice to relax her.

In Andrés’s words, he used the ice to cool his spirits a bit and then place it in an area where they both got the most pleasure possible. Learn about Andrés García’s story firsthand.


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Andrés García revealed how a MARRIED WOMAN FALLEN IN LOVE: VIDEO