Ángela Aguilar and the tender necklace of gangs that alludes to the 90s

There are two things that cannot be denied Angela Aguilar, the enormous talent that has established her as one of Mexico’s favorite youth singers, and her great sense of fashion, which he demonstrates both in his shows and in his daily life, always adapting to the occasion and closely following the trends of the moment, as a fun gang necklace that stole the glances.

Whether wearing typical costumes, extroverted designs or casual clothes, Angela select the ideal elements to make each look a attire impossible to ignore. On this occasion, the definitive protagonist was the singular necklace made of colored beads shaped like panditas, an undeniable nod to the decade of the 90, where vibrant colors and colorful accessories reigned.

On Last We show you this piece that made us relive a little of that fabulous time.

Ángela Aguilar and her adorable necklace in the shape of panditas

In an Instagram Storie posted on her account that recently surpassed 7 million followers, the member of the dynasty Aguilar showed a bit of her outfit of the day, which was highlighted by the pair of necklaces that he wore as accessories. It was a necklace of medium-sized pearl-like stones that contrasted with her second accessory, a choker made with small pearl-shaped beads alternated with some vibrantly colored pendants shaped like “panditas”, The well-known bear gummies with fruit flavors.

The naturalness of look Consisting solely of a red tank top and barely perceptible peach-toned makeup, it matched perfectly with her accessories, which were further enhanced by the already characteristic straight, symmetrical bob that Angela has used it since its inception.

(Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_)

The fashion of the 90s increasingly present

This pair of accessories They stole attention not only because of their peculiar shapes and colors, but because they are a recreation of those that predominated in the trends of the 90. During that time, it was common to see this type of colorful and uniquely shaped pieces in elements such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even in the hair as decoration in the unique hairstyles that used to be worn.

Now, 30 years later, those also known as accessories of “saturated style” are back and paint to stay at least until the middle of next year, since thanks to the diversity of colors, designs and possible combinations, they are an excellent alternative to give another look to almost any look for different occasions and seasons.

(Photo: Shein)

Reasons why it’s a trend we love

One of the advantages of being a fashion that is back, is that it adapts to the temporality that is currently lived, and by not having specific rules of how it should be used, the possibilities are endless, since they can be mixed with different materials, tones and textures, which in addition to refreshing an outfit, is capable of turning it from basic to full of life.

Another point in its favor is the originality of each design, since being made by hand, no model is the same as another, making it a unique and special piece for those who use it.

Finally, it is possible to make them yourself or, if crafts are not your thing, you can find them both in bazaars, accessory stores or in small virtual businesses where it is even possible to customize them with different figures, colors and even letters, in this way not only you will be in trend, you will also be supporting local businesses and processes full of creativity and talent. So don’t hesitate and join this trend.

(Photo: Instagram @_chuligang)

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Ángela Aguilar and the tender necklace of gangs that alludes to the 90s