Angelina Jolie dresses like Kim Kardashian in extremely tight dress

Angelina Jolie went to the sixteenth Annual Rome Film Festival to promote his new film, it is about “Eternals”Where he shares scenes with Salma Hayek With whom he has forged a closer friendship, since the context in which they filmed the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie allowed forging close ties between the actors.

For this important event Angelina Jolie decided to wear the custom Atelier dress from the Italian fashion house Versace crafted from a traditional metallic mesh, crafted with a spine silhouette and a draped corset that draped splendidly around the woman’s body American actress.

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This beautiful dress is one of the tightest we have seen the actress wear Maleficent in recent times, so it reminded us of the styles that she tends to wear at times Kim kardashian, although in the case of the American socialite, she always seeks to highlight her curves.

While Angelina Jolie is a elegant woman who always seeks to highlight her bearing before anything else, wearing garments with a subtle sensual touch but with which her natural beauty and natural elegance undoubtedly stand out, she even usually opts for neutral colors.

Although this time he opted for a bright tone since Eternals is a superhero movie and his clothing to give life to “ThenaIt is a beautiful gold in which the shine is definitely highlighted, so the Versace dress gives it a sleek and shiny look perfect for promoting the film directed by Chloé zhao.

Jolie appears accompanied by her daughters

As in a previous premiere, Angelina Jolie decided to be accompanied by two of her daughters, this time it was with her Zahara Jolie-Pitt 16-year-old who wore a beautiful off-the-shoulder white dress with a gold headband on the shoulders and chest.

Zahara’s dress undoubtedly goes perfect with the theme of superheroes because it gives us the impression of seeing a warrior, this while the daughter of Angelina Jolie She shows off her hair down with a small hair clip that gives her curlers an incredible shape.

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In addition, he also attended Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt 15-year-old who since 2019 decided to be called as John Jolie-Pitt Well, he always said that he did not identify himself with the name that his parents gave him, even on some occasions the actors of “Mr and Mrs Smith” said that John preferred men’s clothing.

Angelina Jolie dresses like Kim Kardashian in an extremely tight dress PHOTO: EFE

These two comments led many to suppose that Shiloh identifies as a male, although it seems that what he thinks of himself is not limited to stereotypes of clothing because on this occasion he decided to wear a beautiful black dress that he combined with colorful tennis shoes while that in her hair she wore braids.

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Angelina Jolie dresses like Kim Kardashian in extremely tight dress