Angelina Jolie with the most glamorous supermarket look

Angelina Jolie She has gone to the supermarket to do the shopping last week more arranged than many of us when we have an appointment or when we have visitors at home. The actress has left us speechless when we saw her walking with her daughter and a supermarket cart along the lines of a grocery store. Jolie sported a marvelous outfit that revolved around a toe-length black dress. Angelina Jolie chose a belted cotton crossover neckline design that is a staple that never fails. He added a ultra-long pearl gray on-trend cardigan, matching her dress. Elevated her look with a few stilettos blacks that they did not prevent her dress from rubbing the floor from time to time. its outfit It was perfect for going to the theater, dining out or any event that may come up for the Hollywood star. A set that we signed up and that we will replicate for sure very soon.

The actress does not reduce your sense of fashion or to do the most routine tasks, as is the weekly shopping at Gelson’s. Setting style for Angelina Jolie is as natural as breathing. While the 46-year-old protagonist of ‘Eternals’ was stunning, her daughter Vivienne, 13, left home with a outfit more casual for a last minute purchase. The little girl wore a neutral tracksuit and Nike sneakers. The children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have grown and each one has its own style. Something that we know that her mother respects and nurtures. The actress supports the concerns and desires of all her offspring. We check it when the mother lends her daughters iconic clothes from her wardrobe. Angelina Jolie left her Oscar de la Renta to her daughter Zahara at the premiere of his latest movie and also a Dior a Shiloh for the London red carpet.

Angelina Jolie He spent about 40 minutes stockpiling provisions at the establishment. You could see comfortable and safe in her elegant black dress and cardigan coosy that fell to his knees. The cardigan’s large pockets were the best embellishment the design could have.

Knitwear creates looks ‘street style’ very attractive in autumn, especially when temperatures allow wearing jackets like that of Angelina Jolie as an outer garment. Many times the combination that works best with satin or chiffon clothing is ‘knitwear’. A cardigan also adds a different style to any outfit with leather or leather elements.

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The stilettos blacks from Angelina Jolie They are a shoe of closet ground that, while we cannot say we will take to our next visit to the supermarket, we do promise to wear more with trend dresses like hers extra long with a crossover neckline.

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The actress wore her look in code minimal but no jewelery or adornment was missed. Each of his pieces had enough personality to defend the outfit by themselves. He successfully paired his mask with his gray jacket.

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Angelina Jolie with the most glamorous supermarket look