Angelique Boyer says goodbye to her long hair, and wears short hair, Lady Di style

Without a doubt, the star who started the year with the most marked changes was the beautiful actress who played Teresa in the soap opera of the same name, Angelique boyer, who says goodbye to long hair and looks short hair, style Lady di. The gorgeous woman from France showed her makeover through some images, where it is shown that short or long, she looks beautiful with any cut.

Angelique boyer, through his Instagram account, he boasted through a few photographs some of the happiest and most exciting moments of his past vacation in Los Cabos, Baja California, with his beloved Sebastian Rulli. However, what caught the most attention, definitely, was the radical makeover of the actress, Angelique boyer, with which she wore her short hair.

In the first of a series of photographs, the beautiful protagonist of Overcome the Past laying like a little mermaid on the sand in front of the sea, wearing a new and flattering look, with which she looked even younger. This is a small cut, style Lady di, but in her current black color, which stylized her face and took a few years off her.

Among the images, there were also moments in which she still had her long hair, so it suggests that the makeover was surely carried out in the last days that she was in Los Cabos, where she was also accompanied by her boyfriend, Sebastián Rulli, and great friends like Javier Chicharito Hernandez Y Diego dreyfus.

“Many photos of these vacations I share with you some moments. Thanks for the pictures. I love you, I had an incredible time ”, thanked the 33-year-old actress.

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In his great adventures in the paradisiacal Mexican tourist destination, Angelique boyer and his companions lived wonderful experiences and great adventures, such as whale watching in the Pacific Ocean from a boat, as well as gliding in the air, and enjoying beautiful sunsets.

“HAPPY WORLD YEAR! Starting the year with family health and without expectations. I want to heartily thank the people who accompanied me throughout 2021. Welcoming 2022 with everything. May health be constant. Ahhh and #MirenHaciaArriba. Ya, seriously! Be happy! Don’t ask for things to come, ask for them to awaken in you, ”he said.

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After having made 2 soap operas in 2021, Empire of Lies Y Overcome the Past, the pretty Angelique boyer She is willing to rest these months, until a project that she is interested in doing comes into her hands.

For his part, her handsome boyfriend, the Argentine-Mexican heartthrob Sebastian Rulli is about to start with a new soap opera, the remake of the famous Rich people cry too, along with Claudia Martin, whose recordings began a few weeks ago.

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Angelique Boyer says goodbye to her long hair, and wears short hair, Lady Di style