Ángelo Fukuy: His wife is affectionate with Jonatan Rojas on the day of their marriage

AT HER WEDDING. little more than a week. As it became known, the Zona Libre singer had seven bachelor parties, but an image of his now wife drew more attention due to his close proximity to Jonatan Rojas.

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In some images released by Amor y Fuego, the brand new bride is seen on the day of her wedding celebration, in the midst of her partner and Jonatan Rojas, who loudly exclaims’ I love you! I love them!’. However, an affectionate kiss caught the eyes of his fans.

“He must be his soulmate since his childhood, he has a special affection for him … unconditional friendship,” said Gigi Miter. “The day of your marriage? Is this how they congratulate each other? … well, they must be very friends … like brothers, ”added Rodrigo González.

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TROME - Ángelo Fukuy's wife is super affectionate with Jonatan Rojas on their wedding day
Wendy Dyer gave an intense kiss to Jonatan Rojas on the same day as her wedding with Angelo Fukuy, according to a social media video released by Amor y Fuego.


Angelo Fukuy’s wife is Wendy Dyer. And although there are no more details about her personal life, it is known that she is the cousin of the driver’s husband María Pía Copello.

Since the singer announced their relationship, the young woman has not hesitated to surprise him more than once, as she did in March 2021 when she recorded a romantic message for the new personal project with her new group Zona libre.

“I want to steal these little minutes from you to wish you all the success in the world because you are a great human being with a giant heart of gold. Thank you for so much affection, for so much love, for so much sacrifice. You don’t know how much you represent to me and family. I know the effort, sacrifice and dreams that you have and moving forward, he pointed.

After three years of relationship, Angelo Fukuy decided to ask his girlfriend’s hand at a party that he organized especially for the proposal. While holding a bouquet of red roses, he began to sing the song “Amor” by Cristian Castro and as soon as he finished, he knelt down to ask her if she wanted to be his wife. The answer was affirmative.

They planned to get married in 2019, but the coronavirus pandemic caused everything to be delayedThough the love kept growing

“We had it planned for 2019, in June. What had to happen happened, so we had to postpone many things. Everything was already paid “, said the artist.

At another time, the leader of the Free Zone confessed that although they live together, he has not been intimately with his partner and they sleep in separate rooms, this at the request of his in-laws who are awaiting marriage. Now that they are married they will be able to consummate their love.


. Why? It was not because he liked these kinds of “parties”, but the initial plans were to get married in 2019.

“We had everything planned for June 2019, but what had to happen (the pandemic) happened. So we had to postpone many things, we had already paid for everything. That’s why I have seven bachelor parties “said the singer of Zona Libre, who dedicated some emotional words to his girlfriend.

“She is an incredible woman, she is my partner, she is an angel. I love her a lot, with all my heart, and I will do everything to make her the happiest woman in the world”, added in ‘On everyone’s lips’.


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Ángelo Fukuy: His wife is affectionate with Jonatan Rojas on the day of their marriage