Anitta showed what lies beyond her navel, irresistible

With his open personality he has conquered the whole world, carrying the image of Anitta to go around the globe. With nothing to hide, the singer always seeks to be authentic and project her originality in every possible way, becoming one of the women who has been most influencing the media in recent months.

His hits like ‘Envolver’ earned him a significant place among the celebrities within the music charts, managing not only to debut his album ‘Versions of Me’ in the Billboard Hot Top 100 but also managed the feat of staying for a few weeks within the top 10 places.

These events are part of the path never before traveled by another female artist from Brazil, crowning her as a forerunner within her field and giving her the role of paving the way for future generations of women who seek to enter the foreign industry. All this was reported by her own Anitta during an interview offered for Vogue Brasil magazine.

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In addition to the intimate interview in which she was honest on various topics of great importance such as politics or machismo within music, the 29-year-old also posed before the cameras with her usual unashamed personality, allowing her to be captured like never before.

Anitta showed what lies beyond her navel, irresistible. Source: Instagram


In the photographs shared by the social network accounts of both her own Anitta As per the magazine, he was seen wearing quite revealing clothes and even in some images he was not wearing anything at all, creating fierce and sophisticated scenarios.

One of the main photos captured special attention where he is seen wearing a minimalist outfit, daring to propose shapes and silhouettes different from those he is used to in the media. Made up of a white top that simulates a long ribbon surrounding her torso and a black maxi skirt with a cut at the hip.

As her seal could not be missing, she chose to lower the skirt a little, taking the fabric to the limits of what was allowed, revealing the full extent of her well-worked abdomen and even the mark of her underwear on her skin after a sunbath.

Loyalty has nothing to do with betrayal. Loyalty is about consideration, empathy, making the person feel good, respecting the person, not being abusive,” he said.

Attached to the image was a transcendental phrase from Anitta pronounced during the talk, in it he reflects on betrayal and its meaning, delving deeper than what is obvious.

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Anitta showed what lies beyond her navel, irresistible