Anna Kournikova does not miss the last concert of Enrique Iglesias … and she has a funny surprise

If there is something that characterizes Enrique IglesiasIn addition to his passion for music, it is his huge sense of humor. We have seen him many times during his interviews or public appearances, in which the singer unleash your wits to make you laugh to everyone around him. An inherent quality of his personality that, of course, not only demonstrates in public but also takes it to the private realm. In this sense, the artist has surpassed himself with a very special gift that he has given to his girl, Anna Kournikova. It is a pass all access very unique that the former tennis player wore in the last concert that her husband gave this weekend, at the Amway Center in Orlando (Florida, USA) as part of the north american tour in which the son of Julio Iglesias is immersed with Ricky Martin and Sebastián Yatra.

Finally! The image of the three children of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova together


The card in question, as its own signage indicates, It is used to enter any area where the show takes place As the backstage. However, it was not much like the ones we usually see in this type of event, a curious detail that they discovered and did not overlook some of his smartest fans. Specifically, it had replaced the official poster in small with the faces of its protagonists, for a homemade and children’s drawing that represented them. “Yeah passes !!! Live in concert”, you can read at the top, while below you can see the Enrique and Ricky puppets as portraits singing with microphone included. Trunking occurrence of the interpreter of hits as Hero and We Dance, that Anna Kournikova had no problem in carry in the hand or hang around the neck and they made more than one smile for sure.

The dance of Enrique Iglesias’ girl when listening to her father’s new album


This is how we also saw it during their visit on Saturday to the program of the announcer Elvis Durán, who posed smiling with his guests inside the studio of the Froggy Radio station. Enrique Iglesias and his partner andThey are in a very sweet moment of their lives, for the love they have and for the three precious children they have brought into the world: three-year-old twins Lucy and Nicholas, and little Mary, who will turn two in January. Not long ago we were able to see them together for the first time thanks to a video shared by the proud mother, where the kids had a great time aboard a convertible minicar colored red. The singer announced in September that he was going to take a break from your prolific career, so you can enjoy much more and provoke laughter as he tastes to his wife and her offspring at his home in Miami.

Enrique Iglesias announces his album ‘Final’ in a personal moment of contrasts

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Who has more abs? Enrique Iglesias and Sebastián Yatra raise the temperature with their curious duel

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Anna Kournikova does not miss the last concert of Enrique Iglesias … and she has a funny surprise