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Her presence stood out with the rest of the mothers, su tall height of one meter eighty, a somewhat revealing neckline and blonde hair The waist-high dress made Guess creator Paul Marciano take a different look at her as the young mother arrived with her six-year-old son at the Guess Kids production in San Antonio.

-Who are you?

“I’m Vickie Smith, sir.

-You are a model?

-No sir. I’m a waitress at the Red Lobster.

–But did they ever take pictures of you?

-No sir.

Well, that’s going to change right now.

In 1992 Marciano asked that the little ones be removed from the studio and called a photographer. At that time the brand was the competition of Calvin Klein, who imposed the slim beauty of Kate Moss, but Paul decided that he was going to turn the story around with the young mother from Texas, who highlighted the voluptuous beauty in editorial photography.

That was how the world began to hear about Anna Nicole Smith.

The woman who was born in Houston, Texas, learned to overcome difficult situations in his childhood and adolescence until becoming one of the most famous and beloved models. Her fans admired not only her beauty but also her talent.

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Fame and recognition were part of his main desires, in 1993 he came to pose for the best-known male entertainment magazine of the time, Playboy.

Later, he started his acting career with films of the time such as:

Regrettably, her life was overshadowed by scandals that led her to catapult her As one of the favorites of the pink press, everyone wanted to know about the blonde Texan who posed on the covers of famous magazines.

One of his best-known controversies was when he married James Howard Marshalla millionaire North American businessman 89 years old whom he married in 1994 at 24 years.

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He met the old man at lunchtime in Rick’s, a nightclub, the man in the wheelchair was ecstatic to see her dance. Behind the scenes, the model learned that the man who did not take his eyes off her was none other than the “Houston oil baron”, owner of a fortune of US$500 million.

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However, Smith continued his career while Howard was on his trail. The talented blonde became an international actress, bunny and model. Her black and white image of her was beginning to go around the world. Renamed by the creator of Guess as Anna Nicole Smith, would replace supermodel Claudia Schiffer as a new meaning of beauty in fashion.

Later, Anne agreed to marry Howard Marshall on June 27, 1994, at the White Dove Wedding Chapel in Houston. The image went around the world.

The couple moved in with Anne Nicole’s son in their new home. However, just 1 year later, the oil owner passed away after marrying the iconic blonde. Events that brought problems since in his will he had left nothing to who at that time was his last wife, despite all the promises.

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The man’s assets passed in the name of his son, so the model did not hesitate to take the case to court and even to court to have some part of the inheritance. In the end she did not succeed and the fact became a scandal for the press.

Despite those inconveniences and the comments that arose about her having married him for his money, the reality seemed to be very different, because in an interview for the medium ‘ABC News’ the actress declared: “He got me out of a terrible place and he cared about me and my son, and in return, I took care of him and loved him for it.” (AND)

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Anna Nicole Smith, the Playboy bunny who married an 89-year-old rich man and was left without an inheritance | People | Entertainment