Are Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra getting married? The couple talked about their love story and future

In the last four months, Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra have been very transparent about their relationship. Photos and videos of their moments togetherdeclarations of love on social networks, their official appearance on the red carpet and more beautiful and romantic experiences have starred in their relationship.

However, to the surprise of many, in September they did not really start their courtship. The host of El Gordo y La Flaca had already spent several months enjoying her love with the music producer before making her relationship public.

When did the relationship between Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra begin?

“I have a boyfriend, I am dating a gentleman, a wonderful man, I really am super happy” were the words with which Clarissa Molina confirmed her relationship with Vicente Saavedra on September 10, 2021.

However, in a recent interview for People en Español, the couple admitted that their love was born in mid-June.

Back then, Vicente was struggling with his feelings for Clarissa. “I didn’t want to accept what was happening to me, that I was liking her,” he said. However, in the end he gave in to what he felt and made the sudden decision to get on a plane to have his first date with the former beauty queen.

Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra: the plane ride that started their love story

Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra met in 2018, but at that time their love story was not yet destined to be. Vicente was in a relationship and Clarissa, despite the fact that she did look for Vicente on Instagram and saw all her photos, recognized that the producer, at that time, was not for her.

Three years later, in May 2021, they met again at a Lenny Tavárez event, at which point the spark ignited between the two and Vicente began to court the host of El Gordo and La Flaca. “You did not stop writing to me,” commented the former contestant of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Finally, on June 15, Vicente woke up anxious to see Clarissa, who was in the Dominican Republic covering the Sovereign Awards.

Vicente was aware that Molina had a very busy schedule, but that didn’t stop him from asking her out.

“I asked him: ‘If I arrive in the Republic tonight, do you have any space to serve me, to go to dinner, to talk?'”

Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra’s first date

Vicente, who was in his native Puerto Rico, took a plane to the Dominican Republic to finally have his first dinner with Clarissa Molina.

However, their dinner did not go smoothly. At one point, Clarissa got up from the table and was gone for an hour and a half!

The reason? The former beauty queen had a casting for a movie. Vicente was aware of this, so she didn’t mind putting her romantic date on hold and even encouraged her staff to wait with him.

“I told all the guys, ‘Don’t let anyone eat until Clarissa gets here.'”

Sorry for keeping him waiting so long, Clarissa returned to the restaurant and together they were able to finish the first dinner of many more romantic evenings they have shared.

Clarissa Molina gave herself to the love of Vicente Saavedra

After their first date, Vicente continued to court Clarissa, who in these early stages of the relationship was still a bit withdrawn, according to the producer.

This caused Saavedra to finally ask Molina one day if he was going to let himself be loved. This question undoubtedly impacted the driver, who finally realized that it was time to let love reign in her life.

“I haven’t let myself be loved for a long time… But I said: ‘Let yourself be loved, let them pamper you, not everything in life is work’.”

His decision to bet on love has undoubtedly paid off. At first Clarissa was captivated by the sweetness and way of being of Vicente, while the music producer fell in love with the smile and laughter of the former beauty queen that fill her days with joy.

Today all this and more have caused both to enjoy and cultivate a relationship of love, respect, trust and admiration.

“He has also taught me a lot to enjoy life, [a] enjoy everything, day by day. I think he has paid off.”

Are Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra planning a wedding?

Vicente admitted that at the moment they are enjoying the process of being a couple, so he cannot say that he is ready to ask Clarissa to marry him. However, what is a fact is that he would love to marry her, whom he undoubtedly sees as her future wife.

“I have never been married and I want to get married, I see Clarissa as that person.”

For her part, Clarissa admitted that every time Vicente invites her to dinner, she wonders if this will be the night he gives her the ring. Both she and the fans of her relationship will have to wait a little longer for the perfect moment and ring with which Vicente plans to propose to her.

“I have to find the moment to kneel in front of her, look for the perfect ring.”

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Are Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra getting married? The couple talked about their love story and future