Are you getting divorced? In mourning and with her husband in jail, the missing Televisa actress gives serious news

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Mexico City.- Strong news circulates about the actress Yadhira Carrillo, who abandoned the Televisa soap operas in 2008 and He disappeared of acting to dedicate herself to her family and whose husband, the lawyer Juan Collado, is in the jail.

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The youtuber Alejandro Zuniga resumed what was published in the column ‘Red Carpet’ of El Universal, where they question why Yadhira would no longer attend to visit her husband at the East Prison, after it was often captured there since it was imprisoned in 2019.

Since her husband Juan Collado was arrested two and a half years ago, the actress had been seen week after week come to visit him, bring him food and, incidentally, talk about how he feels in such a complicated situation. But in the last three weeks Yadhira has not been seen in the East Prison, “the column reads.

Now rumors are circulating that they would be separated. As you may recall, the 49-year-old actress married the lawyer in 2012 and was arrested in 2019 for various crimes.

It is also speculated that the actress would have health problems, since in the past he shared that he has suffered depression and that due to stress and anguish she was diagnosed with Ménnière syndrome.

Yadhira mentioned that she suffered a crisis in his left ear that caused him to lose the ability to hear many types of sounds.

Although it was also said that she would not come to visit him so that the press would not question her about the case of Ines Gomez Mont, who is currently wanted by Interpol in 190 countries, the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante cleared up the controversy.

The driver assured that he himself contacted the protagonist of soap operas as The other and Loving You Is My Sin to tell him whether or not she had left her husband.

Much has been said that Yadhira Carrillo is separated from Juan Collado because he has not been seen in the prison. I called him on the phone to ask him. ”

Gustavo shared that the actress is currently going through a terrible family moment and what is devastated.

I say, ‘How are you?’ and he says to me: ‘Devastated, devastated very sad’. Why? I can’t tell him, he asked me not to tell him, but it is a very strong family matter that has her undone. Yadhira is a very sensitive woman so from here I send a strong and respectful hug to you and your entire family. ”

This could be because this week the news broke that he was mourningWell, a nephew of hers died in a strong accident happened in Aguascalientes.

The now deceased was identified as Saúl Carrillo, 39, who was looking at his cell phone on the tracks, so he did not notice that the train was approaching him.

Later, he openly asked Carrillo, who he had in his last appearance in Televisa melodramas in 2008 with Women’s word, if she is separated from Juan, to which she replied:

He tells me: ‘Gustavo, never. Juan needs me more than ever and I will be by his side today and always. It’s the love of my life and he is the man of my love. I’m never going to leave it, I can’t believe the media or why they say that. ‘

Finally, he added that the actress told him why they might be thinking that, however, he categorically denied a separation.

What happens is that I am no longer giving interviews when I arrive at the prison to see Juan, “Gustavo mentioned that the actress told him about the possible reason for the speculation.

Source: YouTube channel of Alejandro Zúñiga and Gustavo Adolfo Infante

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Are you getting divorced? In mourning and with her husband in jail, the missing Televisa actress gives serious news