Ariadne Díaz in mourning; a crocodile devoured her dog in front of her

What she painted to be an incredible winter vacation on the beach, turned into a nightmare and horror for the Mexican actress Ariadne Diaz, who is in mourning: a crocodile devoured her dog in front of her. The famous soap opera actress, The Malquerida, enjoyed with her husband, the Brazilian actor Marcus ornellas and his son Diego Ornellas, a fun day on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, where the actress is originally from, when the tragedy occurred.

According to own Ariadne Diaz, who narrated what happened in his Instagram stories, everything was going perfectly during his walk to the sea, when, when he returned home, which is a block from where they were, a crocodile suddenly appeared and attacked his dog Blemish, devouring it completely in front of everyone.

In fact, moments before the tragedy, the actress of The Woman of the Gale He published a story showing off his dog, who accompanied them on the trip and also enjoyed the beach.

“I never imagined that yesterday would be her last day in this world, that that story would be her last video, that I didn’t have time to hug her and tell her how much I love her and how much I would miss her. I love you, Tacha. I loved you from the first moment I saw you, and I love you even more after you left, “wrote the Televisa star next to an image of her dog when she was a baby.

Ariadne Diaz He explained that, without imagining what would happen, when they returned to his house, which is super close to where his family lives, and where he grew up, a crocodile appeared and devoured his dog Tacha, for which he asked the inhabitants and tourists of the place that they were very careful, because he assures that when he lived there it was common to see these dangerous animals around the place.

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“Yesterday while we were returning home from the beach, a block from my house, a crocodile caught her, and in a second Tacha was gone,” said Ariadne.

Heartbroken and devastated, the 36-year-old famous asked those who visit that beach to be very careful, since crocodiles have even appeared in the sea. Still in shock about what happened to his dog, Ariadne Diaz He couldn’t believe he had lost her so suddenly and in that horrible way.

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“My Beloved Tacha, so many years together, so many trips, so much love, so many laughs, so many scolding, so much mutual understanding without words. My heart is broken. It was an instant, a second, “he said.


Ariadne Díaz in mourning; a crocodile devoured her dog in front of her. PHOTO: SPECIAL

For his part, her husband, the protagonist of the telenovela Si Nos Dejan, where he acts alongside Mayrín Villanueva, Marcus ornellas, published a story that, apparently, was dedicated to Tacha, in which with a black background and an emoji of praying hands, he wrote “God bless you, thank you for so much.”

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Ariadne Díaz in mourning; a crocodile devoured her dog in front of her