Armando Araiza longs to return to TV but nobody hires him and he reinvents himself on TikTok

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - OCTOBER 20: Armando Araiza speaks during a press conference of the workshop called

Armando Araiza at a press conference to promote his workshop Re-Arming your life in October 2020 (Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images).

Armando Araiza He longs to return to television. And if you are one of those who wonders who Armando Araiza is, you could easily relate him to his brother Raúl the black Araiza, famous host of the program Todayand son of two television stars, actress Norma Herrera and director Raúl Araiza Cadena, who died in 2013.

If with these references you still can’t locate it (because ‘it’s not from my time’), with a little spin on social networks you could keep it more in mind: some have confused it with Fher de Maná, Cepillín without makeup or son of Manuel Crazy Valdes. Without being related to any of the three of them, he is the tiktoker who distributes more love among his “dear ones” haters.

But before becoming one of the most hated-revered characters on the microvideo network, Armando Araiza was a prominent actor on television: his debut in the irruptive the cursehis character ‘Chato’ henchman of Sebastian Ligarde in Quinceanera or the unobligated ‘Santiago Uriarte’ in Three women they placed him as one of the young artists who saw a promising future on the small screen.

Not only in soap operas, he also tried to achieve success in the cinematographic world and managed to place himself in blockbuster films such as Juana, the Cuban next to Rosa Gloria Chagoyán or A potato without ketchup with Gloria Trevi, or participate in some semi-autobiographical works such as dream and reality from Los Temerarios or Yuri my true storyamong dozens of more films of which there is almost no record.

It was disappearing from the forums and from the screens from 2010.

Without going very far, like his brother Raúl, Armando Araiza also had dark days with an addiction to alcohol that he managed to overcome more than three decades ago, and that is one of the most important achievements that he likes to highlight. “35 years sober, pro-health,” he recently boasted in a video on his Instagram account, post with which he also takes the opportunity to promote his personal development and recovery conferences.

Together with the psychologist Estela Durán, Araiza created a method that he named “Brief Therapy” whose purpose, he said, is to help confront addictive and self-destructive behaviors; and also to be able to deal with problems of anxiety, depression, among others, originated from the covid-19 pandemic.

“It has been a formula that, as far as I know, does not exist. Clinical hypnosis is combined with the feedback that exists with the patient and identification. So, it is a physical, mental, spiritual growth where it is admitting, correcting, detecting” , explained the actor to People in spanish.

And although his wish is that everyone do well —and if it’s his hand, even better—, the actor has combined his career as coach with the direction and production with his production house, focused on digital advertising, marketing, creativity and image, as well as some films such as Johnny 100 pesos 2.

But this long journey does not seem enough for Armando and he wants to return to the television forums. At least that’s what he said on Twitter. “Guys, no network has signed me yet, but would you like me to come back to TV?”

The last television project he was in was designing your lovemelodrama produced by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo for Televisa in 2021 and rehash of the Portuguese My love. about his characterHe said that he was neither good nor bad, “sometimes he can cause a little tenderness, sometimes we want to rescue him, we can become attached to him or sometimes get angry,” he told Televisa Veracruz.

Almost three years after that experience, his followers (and, of course, his beloved haters). Another supports the decision she makes, “but make it a good project”, while some others want it with a YouTube channel (that you already have) where he shares more life tips, exercises. “What do you look at today’s boring and disastrous television,” reminds another.

Whatever he decides, he is clear, it must be a work of transformation, as he shared in a video on TikTok before his question on Twitter. “There is the old Armando Araiza, the one we have known for many years, or the new Armando Araiza. You tell me what you prefer, one listens to everything. It is now or never, you have to transform yourself in life.”

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Armando Araiza longs to return to TV but nobody hires him and he reinvents himself on TikTok