Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the diet he does to stay in shape

Arnold Schwarzenegger Capitol
The diet of the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to always stay in shape.

Known for trying to maintain good physical condition since the beginning of his acting career, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he follows a very strict diet.

In one of the publications he made a few days ago on social networks, the actor revealed that he has maintained an almost completely vegan diet for five years.

“Sometimes I eat meat because I can’t resist,” said the interpreter of terminator.

According to Schwarzenegger’s explanation, thanks to a diet based on 80% vegetables, he was able to reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the possibility of suffering from some type of heart problem.

However, he also commented that he did not stop eating meat, although he does not do it often.

“I can’t resist a juicy steak,” he said.

The motivational message along with the recommendations of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Credit: Instagram/@schwarzenegger)

According to Arnold, the key is in the balance in the consumption of products of vegetable and animal origin.

In this way, he was also encouraged to share that even his own doctor said he was surprised because the results are not only seen in his physical appearance, but also in his blood tests.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tips to not throw in the towel

Also, in the posting in your account Instagramalso wanted to send a motivating message to his followers and gave them some advice.

First, he referred to people who joined a gym for the first time and recommended that the most experienced be sensitive to those who started a new stage.

When talking about training, he also gave data and commented that, statistically, after the first week in the gym, 23% of people set aside their New Year’s goals and only 19% kept their intentions for the long term.

After the figures, the actor began with his facet of motivation in what for him is a lifestyle.

changes are hard

“You are not a failure unless you give up completely,” Schwarzenegger said, adding that change is difficult and that it was always more comfortable for the body to maintain the habits that it maintained for the last 12 months.

In addition to the above, he explained that according to his experience, the first month of the year was not exactly magical and that in a matter of just 30 days it was not possible to build what doctors call “muscle memory”.

Finally, the 78-year-old actor who stays active with exercise and especially weight training, stated:

“You fight against a lot to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Whether it’s going to the gym, eating less sugar, quitting smoking, or drinking alcohol, you should meditate more, lose some weight, read more books, or work on your relationship.”

Schwarzenegger accompanied the post with a black and white photo of him.

In the postcard, he could be seen dressed for the interpretation of some role in his youth, at the same time that he used force with his hands to bend a long metal bar.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the diet he does to stay in shape