Arturo Carmona willing to offer an apology to Aracely Arámbula’s mother for her comments

The Monterrey actor apologized to the actress for revealing details of their relationship and they continue on good terms, said ‘La Chule’ when questioned about it.

However, Doña Socorro Jaques, Aracely’s mother, said she was upset by Carmona’s statements, for which he said he was willing to apologize to his ex-mother-in-law if necessary.

“It is a family to which I have a great affection for many years and since before we had a relationship. So well I’ll talk to the lady“, Alicia Villarreal’s ex-husband told ‘Ventaneando’.

Arturo Carmona defends himself

The actor assures that he never wanted to bother or offend anyone with his statements: “Nothing was maliciousI don’t think I ever spoke ill of anyone. “

In addition, he pointed out that despite the fact that their relationship ended several years ago, he still maintains communication with Aracely.

“We do talk to each other suddenly to say ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘How is your mother?’, ‘How are the children?’ or ‘How is your brother?’ It is a sincere friendship relationship“, he added in the interview.

Arturo Carmona felt “offended” with Aracely Arámbula because she hid him when they were a couple

What did Arturo Carmona say about Aracely Arámbula?

In November, the former soccer player offered an interview with Fernando Lozano where he spoke about his relationship with Aracely Arámbula, which occurred in 2011 when they starred in the play ‘Perfume de Gardenia’.

During the talk he confessed that he felt uncomfortable because of the relationship that Aracely had with Luis Miguelbecause when he saw his children they slept under the same roof. In addition, he said that he had a very good connection with the children and that became “like his daddy”.

But he got tired of having a secret relationship: “I was already very tired of many things, I was even offended, I could have felt like saying: ‘I’m not so lying on the bed that you’re hiding’, but I understood that ‘El Sol’ was coming, but it was already, we already have more than a year. I applauded that she caused the father to see his children, what I did not understand is that she went and stayed right there, it didn’t beat me“.

“I said: ‘I’m tired, what am I doing there, what need do I have to be holding on. I love it, I’m in love with his family. ‘ The children and I had a very nice bond, we lived together, I dare say that I became the father of those children at that time and I want to have more children. “

Aracely Arámbula’s reaction

The protagonist of ‘Las vias el amor’ was sympathetic to the situation and shared that Carmona spoke to her to apologize: “People can let go of their tongues” depending on the situation they are in and their mood. “I don’t judge or criticize or anything,” he told a morning show.

In another meeting with the press, the actress explained why she preferred to keep her relationship out of the spotlight.

“I’m going to tell you about Arturo that he is someone I love very, very, very much. The time we were in ‘Perfume de gardenia’, well we lived a very beautiful romance. He always says that I deny it. I do not deny it. What happens is that I didn’t want (the press) to harass us so much“, he manifested.

“Arturo is a great guy, we already talked about it. (He) was sorry. He spoke to me and apologized and I was like, ‘Look honey, I was in Chicago for an interview and I haven’t seen anything, but (tell me) what did you do? What did you talk about more? ‘”He explained to the press.

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Arturo Carmona willing to offer an apology to Aracely Arámbula’s mother for her comments