Arturo Peniche’s brother remembers when he accidentally killed an actor like Alec Baldwin

Like Alec Baldwin, the Mexican actor Flavio Peniche also recklessly killed a colleague during the filming of a movie. Arturo Peniche’s younger brother lived through the ordeal 19 years ago and in 2017 he was finally exonerated, after signing every week in prison for 14 years while continuing the process on probation.

Peniche regretted the situation that Baldwin is going through and spoke in a message posted on Instagram to wish him blessings on feeling identified with the Hollywood actor, who fired the gun while rehearsing a scene from the movie ‘Rust’ and taking the life of the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, and leaving the director injured, Joel Souza.


“I am shocked by the news of the actor Alec Baldwin, which brings me back to the sad memory of what I experienced a few years ago. I would like to extend my condolences to the director’s family and wish a speedy recovery for the person who is in the hospital. imagine the indescribable pain that Mr. Baldwin is feeling, pain that only God can mitigate and help us live with it because that pain never goes away, always remains. I send a brotherly hug and blessings to Mr. Baldwin. God bless you”.

The accident that changed the life of Flavio Peniche

Without imagining it, on the afternoon of Friday, August 15, 2003, the actor became a convicted murderer during the filming of the movie ‘La Venganza de la Alacrana’, which was part of the ‘videohome’ saga ‘Juana la Alacrana’.

The event took place in a house in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos, the location where the scene where Peniche had to kill some hitmen, including a extra named Antonio Velasco Gutierrez, better known as ‘El Flaquito’.

The prop gun was exchanged for two police pistols

Flavio fired the gun as indicated by the script, which had been changed minutes before and Antonio received the impact of a real bullet. The extra was taken to the hospital where died hours later.

“I entered with a long gun, a shotgun and it jammed, because of the light and running they changed the weapon and they gave me two guns, and then they were in charge of supplying and de-supplying them. After this accident I knew that the weapons had been requested from the police“, he had in April 2021 in the program ‘Mimí with you’.

“Supposedly they had to give me prop weapons, in this case Benjamin the prop was in charge of giving me the gun, that’s all,” he explained.

Flavio Peniche believed that the blood was artificial

The actor believed that everything was part of the scene and the blood that flowed from his partner’s body was fictitious. But seconds later the production discovered that ‘El Flaquito’ was badly injured.

“It was very impressive, i thought it was fictitious blood, I went crazy, he hit me, he said that it was not possible, that it was a dream, but unfortunately it has been the worst nightmare of my life. If I could give my life for his I would, because it is very strong to carry this“Flavio expounded at the time to the media.


Flavio tried to help ‘El Flaquito’

Before the scene, the actors ate together and arrived at the location in Peniche’s car, so he did not hesitate to help his partner.

“When I saw you complained I went to cover the bullet holeMy finger covered the hole and I desperately asked for an ambulance and a doctor. Other people came in to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and they took me to wash my hands and there was chaos, “he said in ‘Mimi with you’.

The film’s production fled the scene

“They ran, everyone left, I stayed at the place because everyone started to collect things and I stayed there with some extras who were in the movie because I didn’t have to leave, I waited for the authority to arrive and he put me in custody, they took me for toxicological tests and took me to the hospital where ‘El Flaco’ was. “

When he arrived at the hospital, his partner was alive, but minutes later his legal situation changed with the death of the actor.

“When an officer says he’s dead, I feel a cramp from the top of my head to the soles of my feet like when my father died, it was the same feeling, I said: ‘I can’t live, I wasn’t born for that, I can’t live with a death ‘, I felt a deep pain. When he dies they stop me“.

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Flavio Peniche spent two days in prison

“They take me to the separations to a very dramatic subway and there they have me 24 hours and all the chaos was outside, there was my brother, my wife, lawyers and the family.”

But after his departure, he was soon arrested again: ” They do not respect the protection, They detained me another day in prison, the judge did not want to set bail. The surety did not ask us for a guarantee because it realized all the anomaly that was happening“.

Speculations and anomalies in the case

With the death of Antonio Velasco Gutiérrez began speculation that it had not been an accident, but a revenge or reckoning, since the disappearance of the members of the film’s production led to a misinterpretation of the situation.

Everybody fled when they shouldn’t have fled, he got things wrong. Only God knows what happened, I simply told what I know and I know that everyone fled, that made the authorities think there was something else. “

Flavio, his family and his lawyer had to do own hand investigations before the irregularities in the case.

Many judges declared themselves incompetentThanks to the public defender, Maribel, we took this forward and with a judge who said: ‘Let’s see, wait for me, what’s happening?’ They had not called many people who had to corroborate their statement for this to move forward, I went to look for the experts together with my wife and the lawyer to give their statement, otherwise this would continue and I would still be going to sign. “

Flavio Peniche was exonerated of the charges

In September 2017 the legal nightmare ended for the actor 14 years after purge a codena for wrongful death, going each week to a prison to sign his probation: Flavio was exonerated of the crime.

Article 123 of the Mexican Penal Code establishes a penalty of 8 to 20 years in prison for reckless homicide. Flavio was sentenced to 14 years, after paying compensation to the relatives and a bond before the authorities of 40 thousand dollars, which allowed him to pay his sentence on parole, without being confined in a prison.

On October 1, 2017, Univision Entertainment spoke exclusively with Azul Márquez, Flavio’s wife, who confirmed that the actor was already free of all crime: “At last the deadline for this injustice is over, my husband signed the sheet for the last time who accused him of a crime that he did not commit, “he said.

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Flavio Peniche 19 years after the tragedy

“I’m super calm, I know why it happened and I’m very calm thanks to God. Life has to go on, I think we have to learn, “he said in ‘I spoiled you’.

The experience helped him to reflect on life and now he sees it differently: “Thanks to my wife I began to enjoy life, to marvel at everything, to have wisdom to face things to enjoy what you have.”

Flavio Peniche continued his career in film, television and theater participating in successful productions such as the telenovelas ‘To return to love’, ‘Amor bravío’, ‘I don’t believe in men’, ‘La reina del sur 2’, the new version of ‘Cradle of wolves’, among others. His most recent television works were the Netflix series ‘Narcos: México’ in 2020 and El Dragón in 2019.

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Arturo Peniche’s brother remembers when he accidentally killed an actor like Alec Baldwin