As never before, Paulina Rubio spoke of the reasons that led her to divorce Colate

Paulina Rubio returns more sincere than ever. After almost two years away from the stage, due to Covid-19, The Golden Girl is back more empowered than ever with the launch of I am, his new single, with which he promises to be among the public’s favorites this season. Happy to be able to return to work, Paulina Rubio gave an interview to Pati chapoy in which spoke like never before of his private life and touched on topics as personal as his divorce from Nicolas Vallejo-Nágera and your priority in life: your children, Andrea and Eros. The singer even revealed that it is not closed to love, but acknowledged that he is not in a hurry.



For the first time, Paulina made reference to the mediatic divorce she faced, with Colate, in 2018, which ended at her request, as she explained to Chapoy: “I think it was something inevitable, I preferred not to be with him to have something so toxic, above all, because I felt it was not necessary”he confessed. The singer recalled that, during her time married, things did not work out as expected: “And I was very trusting out of love, at that moment, my mother told me: ‘You have to do things more organized’, but that’s how things turned out at the beginning”Acknowledged Paulina who, on very few occasions, had been so sincere about this issue.

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The Golden Girl assured that, although they were difficult times, her divorce became one of the greatest lessons of her life: “Later I learned, I learned from all that”, commented Paulina, who was questioned by Chapoy, about her separation from Gerardo Bazúto, Eros’s father: “And also the second time”, Pati commented, to immediately listen to Paulina: “Hey yes, one learns, but for love one does things that one would never do normally”, recognized the singer. On whether, at this moment in her life, she is ready to fall in love again, she confessed: “Yeah yeah, but I’m in no rush, I’m so good in my skin right now. To begin with, my children, they are passion and adventure, they need a lot from me, so I don’t want to be distracted at that moment “.

Paulina Rubio, more empowered than ever

During this interview, Pati Chapoy questioned her about the Forbes magazine article where she is placed as one of the most powerful Latin American women, “Is that how you feel?”, questioned her, to which Paulina Rubio replied: “When I have the love of the public I feel very powerful and when I have my children on Mother’s Day, I feel that my power is infinite”. The singer assured that she works daily with her security: “I am very valuable and it has helped me in times of crisis and uncertainty, validate myself and protect what is mine”. On how he always manages to maintain that attitude, he assured: “I do not know how I achieve it, suffering, sometimes, in silence, I am not afraid of falls, I know that to win you have to fall, I like it”.

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In this talk, Paulina revealed that, for her, her children are the most important thing, because they are the ones who fill her with love: “They are my priority. When I am not working I go to school for them, I wake up early and take them, I pass by them and we go to Karate, I take them to make a tent or picnics, I enjoy it so much that I would not change it for anything “. The Golden Girl admitted that it is thanks to her mother, Susana Dosamantes, that she learned to combine motherhood with professional life: “I couldn’t do it without a family, without my mother and without the family bosom that she gave me. Yes we are working moms, yes we have to work and leave the children, with my mother or with the grandfather, or with the father, but my children understand very well the value of having their mother, the grandmother they have ”, he explained.

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As never before, Paulina Rubio spoke of the reasons that led her to divorce Colate