Awkward moments: 5 celebrity interviews that got out of control

An out of place question, an unexpected attitude, a wrong idea or an unexpected silence can completely break the atmosphere of an interview. And when that happens, the tension experienced by the protagonists crosses the screen. We review five interviews starring great Hollywood stars, who were very uncomfortable when answering a question or because the talk was not going as expected.

Movie promotion Batman: The Dark Knight Rises It was a bittersweet experience for Anne Hathaway. Why? Because while Christian Bale, the protagonist of the saga, they asked him questions about his interpretation and his experience, in his case Most of the interviewers wanted to know how he had managed to get into Catwoman’s tight suit. Without losing sympathy and always with a huge smile, the actress decided to expose the sexist tone of these questions during her talk with Jerry Penacoli for the program Extra.

“You are phenomenal. You are always in shape ”, the presenter started. “However, you had to make sure you were perfect for this movie, right?” “It’s not just about the physique but also about being able to do all the stunts and fights perfectly,” she answered, serious. But for Penacoli it was not enough and he returned to the ring: he asked him if the suit was uncomfortable and if he had followed a particular diet or routine. “What is the feline regime?” The actress reacted immediately: “Are you trying to lose weight?” She replied, frowning. “What is your problem? You are perfect. Really. We have to talk about this, ”he continued. Then he twisted his head, lowered his voice and with an intimate tone finished: “Are you trying to get into a catsuit?

One of the worst mistakes for an interviewer is to mistake their interviewee for someone else and the problem becomes even worse if everything happens live. Sam Rubin, host of the North American television program, can attest to this: in an interview he did with Samuel L. Jackson for the premiere of RoboCop in 2014 mistook him for Laurence Fishburne, an actor who rose to world fame for the role of Morpheus in Matrix.

“What impact did you get from the Super Bowl commercial?” Rubin wanted to know. “What commercial?” Jackson replied after looking sideways in disbelief. Rubin was petrified and open-mouthed. After a resounding silence, he realized the error: “Excuse me, I got confused.” Laughing, Jackson began his revenge. “I’m not Laurence Fishburne, we don’t even look alike. Do you think that all famous blacks look alike? “He pointed out and then sentenced:” You are guilty. ” Rubin raised the glove and replied, “I’m guilty, I thought you were Bob Dylan,” but the joke did not conform to the actor. “You are an entertainment journalist and you don’t know the difference between Laurence Fishburne and me?” As the driver apologized, Jackson rounded up his knock out: “‘I’m the black guy in the commercial that says’ what’s in your wallet?’ Fishburne is the black in the car ad, and Morgan Freeman is the black in the credit card ad. ” Without more to say, Rubin ended by apologizing to the audience.

Jim Carrey’s behavior in the interview he gave to the journalist from AND! News Catty Sadler on the red carpet at the party Harper’s Bazaar it was worthy of a surreal movie. The scene took place within the framework of New York Fashion Week in 2017. “I have covered many Fashion Weeks and it’s the first time I’ve met Jim Carrey, ”Sadler started somewhat excited as the actor walked around him. What followed was a very off-key philosophical speech that left her quite confused.

“None of this matters. I wanted to find the most insignificant thing to go to … and here I am, ”explained the actor. “I mean, you have to admit, it’s completely insignificant,” she added, and began to question the idea of ​​celebrating icons. “I don’t believe in personalities. I don’t think you exist, but there is a wonderful fragrance in the air, “he commented. “Don’t you think there are certain icons that have the power to bring changes, to think differently?” The journalist insisted. After a string of grimaces, Carrey continued with his line of thought: “I believe that peace is above personalities, beyond the invention of the heavens, beyond the red s that you have on your chest and on your that the bullets bounce, I think it is deeper than that, I think we are an energy field that dances by itself ”. Catty Sadler never came out of her astonishment.

It was 2007 when the legend of the television of the United States, Larry King, received on his CNN show Larry King Live! to Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian had been invited to promote Bee Movie: The Story of a Bee. Everything was going well until it occurred to King to ask about the end of Seinfield, the hit sitcom about the daily experiences of four single friends in New York City, which ended after nine seasons in 1998. At that point, the comedian could not hide his surprise and completely changed the tone of the talk.

“You quit, right?” King started. “I quit,” Seinfield confirmed. “They didn’t cancel you. You canceled them ”, insisted the presenter. In that instant, the comedian’s face transformed. “Not sure about this? Do you think they canceled me? Do you have the impression that I was canceled? I thought it was pretty well documented, ”added the actor. “Did I hurt you, Jerry?” King managed to say, aware of the mounting tension. “Is this still CNN?” The actor continued with a more cheerful tone. “When I got off the air, I was the number one show on television, Larry. Do you know who I am?”. “A Jewish guy, Brooklyn,” the entertainer responded quickly. “Yes. Seventy-five million viewers (watched) the last episode. There is a big difference between being canceled and being number one! ”, Insisted the comedian. Faced with such a reaction, King apologized. The talk ended with laughter and, before going to court, Seinfield seriously requested that someone bring his resume to the experienced driver.

The awkward moment that Kourtney Kardashian starred in is one that leaves the viewer staring at the screen, waiting for something to happen quickly. Is that the businesswoman starred in one of the longest and most uncomfortable silences in the history of Australian television. The episode occurred in 2016 when the influencer was ready to kick off a live interview with David Campbell and Sonia Kruger for the show Today Extra from Los Angeles. The presenters wanted to know how the family was after the violent robbery that his sister Kim had suffered in a hotel in Paris and that caused a stir in the entertainment world. What followed was a television disaster.

With the mythical Hollywood sign in the background, Kardashian was ready to respond when something behind the camera caught her attention. “MMM what? Ok “, he said with his gaze fixed to the side as if listening attentively to someone who was speaking to him behind the camera, while the two presenters, unable to hide their surprise, did not quite know what to do. “Sorry, is anyone talking to you?” Campbell wanted to know. “Yes, sorry,” replied the influencer and looked back again. “Hi Kourtney, we lost you,” the host tried again. After some guesswork, more silence, a cut in the connection, and endless minutes of television, Kourtney answered the question.

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Awkward moments: 5 celebrity interviews that got out of control