Baldwin breaks his silence before the cameras: tense dialogue with journalists (and with his wife)

A written statement. This had been the only way to express himself so far from Alec baldwin behind the fatal accident happened on the set of the film Rust, in which he was working and in which accidentally shot his partner and friend Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer of the feature film.

Since the tragedy occurred, the actor and his family have become the focus of media attention and now, Baldwin, fed up with the monitoring of cameras and photographers, has decided to break his silence. Both he and his wife Hilaria have starred in a meeting with several photographers who they were following up on the couple by car, in Manchester, Vermont. Baldwin decided to stop the vehicle and get out to talk to them. While he answered the questions as frankly as possible, the tension and nervousness were evident. Also that of his wife, with whom Baldwin was somewhat annoyed at some point in the conversation.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin in a file image. (Reuters)

After getting out of her vehicle, Hilaria began recording the conversation between the photographers and her husband on her mobile, while Baldwin took the floor. “What do you want to know? A woman has died and she was my friend“the actor started saying something annoyed.” The day I arrived in Santa Fe to start shooting, I took her to dinner with Joel director. We were a very, very well oiled team shooting a movie together and then this horrible event took place” he added.

At that moment, his wife Hilaria, anxious that her husband did not go into more details, approached him with the intention of saying something, but Baldwin would not allow it.: “Excuse me,” he said visibly tense, making his wife understand that he wanted to answer the questions.

Baldwin then went on to explain that the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office had “ordered” him not to speak about the investigation, but that it was “anxiously waiting” for the department to release its findings from it.

“What other questions do you have?” He asked after this statement. One of the reporters then asked the actor if it was true that had been reunited with the family of the deceased, but in asking the question, he forgot the name of the question, a fact that upset Alec and Hilaria Baldwin. “Her name is Halyna. If you spend so much time waiting for us, you must know her name,” snapped Baldwin’s wife Hilaria.

“Don’t you know her name? Please … It’s Halyna hutchins“said Baldwin to later add: “I met with her husband, Matthew, and their son. Yes, it is true.”

Halyna Hutchins. (RR.SS.)

When asked how that meeting was, Baldwin assured that “I would not know how to characterize it …”, and later added that the husband and son of the deceased were “mortified.” At that moment, Hilaria he interrupted the conversation again. “Guys … Please … No details,” he said. But Baldwin was again annoyed with his wife after this interruption: “Will you do a favor? I will answer the questions”He told her seriously, then adding that the widower of the deceased was “overwhelmed by grief”, that he was “in shock” and that both he and his family were in permanent contact with him. “We are very concerned for his family and his son. As I said, we are anxiously waiting for the sheriff’s department to tell us that their investigation has concluded.”

Referring to the accident, he confessed that “there are accidents on the recording sets from time to time, but nothing like this. This is an episode of one in a billion. This is a one-in-a-billion event. ”

Alec Baldwin in a photo from 2017 (Reuters)

Regarding changing regulations to limit the use of firearms on film sets and increase security on set, Baldwin said: “I know that an ongoing effort to limit the use of firearms on film sets is something What I’m extremely interested in. But remember something that I think is important, which is: how many bullets have been fired in movies and TV shows in the last 75 years? This is America. How many bullets have been fired in movies and TV series before? Thousands of millions. We have to realize that when something horrible and catastrophic does go wrong, further action must be taken.: suitable weapons, plastic weapons, and not real ones. But that is not for me to decide. It is important that they understand it. I am not an expert in this field. So whatever other people decide is the best way to protect the safety of people on the recording sets. I am in favor and will cooperate with that as much as I can. ”

When the reporters present finished their questions, Baldwin made a plea. “My children are in the car crying”. “Because you are following them and they know it,” Hilaria added, very annoyed.

‘I got out of the car to talk to you, out of courtesy. I cannot comment on the investigation. Now please, Could you please stop following us and leave us alone? “the actor asked reporters.

“Go home,” Hilaria added as she and her husband headed to their car.

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Baldwin breaks his silence before the cameras: tense dialogue with journalists (and with his wife)