Beautiful actress of the Golden Age fell into this addiction and died in oblivion

Many of the stars of Golden era they ended up in the oblivion and abandonment, so it is not surprising that after starring in important films and being considered the most beautiful and talented of the moment, they ended up in precarious conditions and with an uncertain future.

Such is the case of Veronica Lake, the pretty actress American who created the classic peekaboo hairstyle, which until 2022 is considered one of the favorites. Well, after being the most beautiful woman of the 1940s, the famous woman developed a terrible addiction that later took her life.

However, shortly before her death, the beautiful actress became a global issue and everyone wanted to help someone who was once a part of movies like “Flight of Eagles”, “Hold Back the Dawn”, “Sullivan’s Travels” or “The Raven”, the latter with Alan Ladd.

Veronica Lake created the peekaboo hairstyle. (Photo: @HGACinema)

Who was Veronica Lake?

Constance Frances Marie Ockelman, real name of the famous, was born on November 14, 1922, but it was until the 17 years when first appeared on the big screen with an antagonistic character in “Sorority House”. Years later she changed her stage name to Veronica Lake, the last name was a reference to her beautiful blue eyes, as she confessed after her rise to fame.

Such was the impact of his talent that in 1941 he signed a contract for eight years with Paramount Pictures; however, when it finally came to an end, the company did not renew it and from there began the celebrity decline, who also married director John S. Detlie in 1940 and with whom she had a daughter; in 1944 she married André de Toth, that same year she lost a baby, a year later she celebrated the arrival of her second son and in 1948 she had another daughter; while the penultimate of her marriages occurred in 1955, with the musician Joseph A. McCarthy.

Although it is not known exactly how he began to develop addiction problems with alcohol, it is believed that it would have been shortly after his decline as a celebrity.

The actress suffered the loss of her second child. (Photo: @WallaceReid_)

From waitress to star, this was her return to fame

With little more than 30 years of age, Veronica Lake reappeared in the public eyeWell, while working as a waitress in a Manhattan hotel. It is said that a journalist recognized her and shared the story, a fact with which the actress was able to return to the stage, although not in the glorious way to which she was accustomed for almost a decade, since from being the beautiful actress, she started again her career as a presenter and later came to the cinema with a film that was not exactly the favorite of many.

During this season, according to US media, the whole world wanted to help the beautiful woman, even received envelopes of money from her fans and one of her ex-husbands, although all the money was returned, as she assured that she liked to work, despite the fact that “People felt sorry for me.”

Such was his importance in the world of cinema that in 1960 he received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles. While in 1970 she participated in her last film “Flesh Feast” not only as an actress, but also as a co-producer. That same year she published her autobiography and moved to the UK, where she met her fourth husband, Robert Carleton-Munro, but returned to her home country three years later.

The actress at CBS’s Lux Radio Theater in March 1950. (Photo: @TheOldHollywood)

On the other hand, various articles state that As a child, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia., a disease that would have also led her to have a “rebellious” attitude on the recording sets, since she even yelled at her peers. Shortly before his death, an episode would have led her to believe that the FBI was following her day and night.

Finally, the beautiful actress of the golden age She was admitted to a hospital in Vermont, United States, where she was treated for severe abdominal pain that doctors later discovered was cirrhosis. Because of his Alcohol addiction She was diagnosed with hepatitis and kidney failure.

After four days hospitalized, Veronica Lake Finally He died on July 7, 1973 at the age of 50. What has most surprised the world of cinema is that the actress died alone, without receiving a visit from any of her children. However, it was later learned that his friend Donald Bain fulfilled his last wish and scattered his ashes in the sea of ​​the Virgin Islands.


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Beautiful actress of the Golden Age fell into this addiction and died in oblivion