“Because there is not, nor will there be another Gerard Piqué”: Shakira’s blind love for the player led her to try to get back with him twice | People | Entertainment

the life of the singer Shakira It seemed from the outside to be the perfect one. A 12-year relationship, two beautiful children and a successful career, drew a happy home. But, not everything they let see was reality and the rumors confirmed that love is over and Gerard Piqué put distance between the two.

Knowing what happens between celebrities is easy many times, when they stop sharing photos on Instagram. However, in the case of the Colombian and the Spanish, this was not the case. Nothing gave a clue that they no longer lived together, until after three months the rumors began to reveal what was happening.

Before the eyes of millions of followers, the player’s infidelities caused the relationship to endbefore a version that points on his part, love is over, while the singer still maintains the flame that was lit when they met more than a decade ago.

Shakira’s attempts to save her relationship with Gerard Piqué

The portal 20 minutes reviews that despite the fact that Piqué had already terminated the relationship, Shakira did not give up, and wanted to change the situation twice.

To be more specific, the “singer tried to return up to twice with the father of her children,” published the Spanish media, recalling the “great and blind love” that the Barranquilla woman has for the renowned athlete.

They highlighted that a large part of the lack of love that Shakira feels in the face of the breakup, was reflected in her last song “I congratulate you”, a song that was a free song of her feelings drawing the wound for what ended.

Given the two attempts that they say the artist made to recover it, they assure that it was too late, because Piqué already had a world in which Shakira was not a part, with rumors that assured that there were other women with whom he was related.

The Spanish pink press also revealed that the couple had agreed to have an “open relationship” for 3 years, with which the world that united them began to crack.

Shakira’s blind love: “Because there is not, nor will there be another Gerard Piqué”

The superstar did not measure himself in praise every time he celebrated a victory for the Barcelona defender. And an example was his last publication in honor of the 600 matches that the player scored.

“600 games! I don’t think she has ever performed 600 concerts ”, began Shakira’s message to her ex-partner, making it clear that she did not skimp on putting her achievements before her own and unquestionable successes.

The declaration of love continued. “You are made of a material that only God knows and for me you are the best example of struggle, perseverance and sincerity for our children. These years with you I have realized that you came into this world to change paradigms, ”she wrote.

“You have so much left to give us! In football and in so many other aspects of your extraordinary life. Because there is not, nor will there be another Gerard Piqué. An exceptional human being”, thus ended the beautiful message that he dedicated to him on March 13, 2022.

It was a perfect confession of passion and love, the one that Shakira externalized when the break between the two was already a fact.

There is still a story to tell, and it will be time that will continue to emerge how the separation between the two celebrities will occur, both for the legal aspect of their children and the properties they acquired. (AND)

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“Because there is not, nor will there be another Gerard Piqué”: Shakira’s blind love for the player led her to try to get back with him twice | People | Entertainment