Before entering the hospital, Carmen Salinas published a sad message

Carmen Salinas placeholder image It is known for its great track record. From a very young age, she began working as an impersonator and that’s how she got ahead until she became one of the largest in Mexico.

Better known as “Carmelita Salinas”, she has been characterized by always attending the media on various issues surrounding the show, giving her point of view about some colleagues, because she knows them perfectly, has seen them grow, have falls and stand out in the middle.

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The actress is synonymous with a big smile on your face. No matter what time you are, always show a positive attitude. And what about his willingness to go out to work, because at 82 he continues in television projects.

But that does not mean that the life of the also dancer and comedian is perfect. Like all human beings, she has gone through difficult moments that marked her forever.

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The biggest pain of Carmelita Salinas

They say there is no worse pain for a mother than losing her child. This he lived Carmen Salinas placeholder image and every day she carries with her the image of that being who left this world.

Days before entering the hospital due to a stroke, the actress shared an emotional message for her deceased son on social networks: Pedro Plascencia.

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On the occasion of the day that I would be celebrating my birthday, Carmen Salinas placeholder image wrote words of affection to remember it.

“With the son of my life, Pedrito Ernesto Plascencia Salinas, the heart of my life, who today would be November 7th. I could only give him prayers and a candle, but my love and prayers are with you.”

In the post, Carmelita appears very smiling next to her deceased son. Right away, the post was filled with positive comments, as well as big words for the actress.

The actress of ‘My fortune is to love you’ I was used to going to the pantheon to visit Pedro Plascencia. However, the pandemic has not allowed this to happen. Taking advantage of the impact that the Internet has, the actress made a call to the authorities where she wrote that some establishments were open to the public, but others were not.

“Here I am with my beloved son Pedrito, who would be turning 7 today, we couldn’t go to the Spanish Pantheon because the cemeteries are closed. But all the clubs are open and so it should be with the Pantheons to leave them open so that you can bring flowers and a candle to your loved ones ”.

How did Pedro Plascencia die?

Pedrito, as I called him affectionately, was a pianist and composer who was born on November 7, 1965 in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

He died at 37 years of age, on April 19, 1994, due to lung cancer that he suffered for 7 months.

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Carmen Salinas placeholder image placed the ashes of his son in the Spanish Pantheon in Mexico City. In a video posted by the same actress, she described the heartbreaking episode she experienced. There he confessed that Pedro Plascencia He died at his home in Mexico City.

Carmelita was with him, they asked a priest to come to the place. A friend of Pedro was also there in the last moments.

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The actress recalled that her daughter-in-law put music so that her husband would leave this world in the calmest way.

“Suddenly I was bent over and the father told me: ‘Carmelita, Pedrito has left’, I fell to the ground, passed out and they gave me the oxygen that my son had.”

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Before entering the hospital, Carmen Salinas published a sad message