Before the cameras, Meghan Markle told how she saves money in her new life away from the royal family

Before the television cameras, Meghan Markle told how she saves money in her daily life

Meghan MarkleThe 40-year-old claimed that she doesn’t buy anything online without a promo code despite having a combined £ 100 million net worth with her husband, Prince Harry. In a conversation with financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, The Duchess of Sussex revealed how she tries to save money in her daily life.

In her first big interview since the explosive chat with Oprah eight months ago, the mother of two and Archewell’s co-founder recounted how she handles the family finances after giving up the privileges of a life as a member of the British royal family.

“I grew up clipping coupons and now that is ingrained in me. My values ​​have not changed”Said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who lives in a $ 14 million mansion in Montecito, California, with her husband and children, Archie and Lilibet, born in June.

That’s when Sorkin stepped in and asked Meghan, “Are you still clipping coupons?” The Duchess laughed and stated: “I will never buy anything online without first finding a promo code. It is a modern version of coupons ”.

The duchess also spoke about her humble childhood and said that she sold hair ties. She said she felt a sense of “pride” when she managed to sell those accessories made by her. She also referred to her job as a waitress when she was a stranger.

Before her acting career took off with “Suits,” Meghan also worked as a calligrapher, writing the 2005 wedding invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, and bookbinding at the Paper Source store in Beverly Hills.

Speaking with host Andrew Ross Sorkin, Meghan said that walking away from royal duties has led to an improvement in her mental health.

Sorkin said there was a “time when much of the world” was concerned about her. In March, Meghan had said that she had suicidal thoughts when she was pregnant with her first child and that her husband’s family refused to help her.

The Duchess, dressed all in black and wearing a poppy on her lapel to commemorate the military personnel who died in the war, replied: “I feel so much better now, thank you”.

Meghan Markle on television
Meghan Markle on television

During her participation in The New York Times DealBook Online Summit, Meghan also spoke on how women can achieve economic and professional parity. And she referred to her recent efforts in the campaign for paid family leave in the US, which led her to contact senators to ask for their support.

His activism came under scrutiny. But speaking to the New York Times host and columnist, the Duchess said the issue is far from political.

“I don’t see this as a political issue, frankly,” the Duchess said during her participation in the “Minding the Gap” session, where she appeared alongside Ariel Investments co-CEO and president, Mellody Hobson. “Certainly there is a precedent in my husband’s family of not having any involvement in politics, but paid leave, from my point of view, is a humanitarian issue.”

“My husband has always said, ‘With great privilege comes great responsibility,’ but even before I had any kind of privilege in my life, when my life and lifestyle were very different, I always stood up for what is right. “, He sentenced.

“We all agree that people need support when they have just had a child. We have a five-month-old baby, so it’s a [tema] very delicate for us. We have the luxury of being able to have that time to spend with our newborn daughter. It’s important for everyone to have that truly sacred moment as a family. “

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey (Reuters)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey (Reuters)

In the couple’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, Prince Harry claimed that the royal family cut off their financial aid after departing from their royal roles. Prince Charles of England covered most of the expenses associated with his royal duties, including staff and travel.

Since their arrival in California, the royal couple were associated with Oprah Winfrey for an Apple TV + documentary series focused on mental health, they announced the launch of their nonprofit, Archewell Foundation, and Meghan even wrote a children’s book, “The Bench.” They also closed a millionaire contract with Spotify.

Prince Harry, 38, and his wife also signed a USD 150 million deal with Netflix last year, shortly after leaving behind their obligations as members of the royal family, to produce movies, documentaries and children’s shows.

The couple, through their production company, Archewell Productions, announced that already have two programs in production: one documentary series about the Invictus Games and a animated fiction called “Pear”, whose story will revolve around the adventures of a girl.

According to Forbes, Harry inherited ten million dollars from his mother, the late Princess Diana. Money the prince used to start his new life, according to Elizabeth II’s own grandson in his interview with Oprah. Meanwhile, Meghan contributed two million to the family patrimony accumulated during her time as an actress in the series “Suits.”

The publication estimates that the podcasts they will make with Spotify through Archewell Audio for three years they could report between 15 and 18 million dollars.

However, Lady Di’s son says they want to dedicate their life to helping others. “My life will always be about public service, and Meghan is committed to that,” Prince Harry told James Corden.. But they also have to pay the bills, and thanks to their global fame and prestige, Hollywood is happy to help them cushion the financial blow.

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Before the cameras, Meghan Markle told how she saves money in her new life away from the royal family