Belinda and Christian Nodal: reveal the supposed method that the singer uses to take money from her sentimental partners

The separation between Belinda and Christian Nodal continues to be a trend after the singer of bottle after bottle announced through social networks the end of their commitment.

Nodal confirmed the rumors about the couple and reported that both had made the decision to separate after having a relationship for almost two years.

Likewise, the Mexican regional music singer asked for respect for this decision and expressed that it would be the only time he would touch on the subject.

For her part, Belinda did not speak about her love breakup until this Wednesday, when Through a publication on his Instagram account, he expressed his feelings and thanked his fans. for your unconditional support.

The end of the most mediatic couple of the Mexican show has generated endless rumors and speculation about the possible reason for their separation and various media celebrities have issued their opinion on the matter.

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This Wednesday, February 16, the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante spoke about the separation of Belinda and Christian Nodal and revealed the assumption modus operandi than the 32-year-old singer to monetize her romantic relationships.

Through his YouTube channel, the renowned celebrity journalist described in detail the way in which Belinda allegedly takes advantage of her partners to get money.

“The money thing can be. In other words, Belinda’s modus operandi is, what I understand, in a good way, is to take money from her guys. One day I went to a meeting with Jorge Kahwagi and Mohamed, who was the owner of Veracruz. Ana María Alvarado took Mohamed and I to Kahwagi, so they were talking to each other about how Belinda got the money from them, ”she commented.

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“I was there. They were in I don’t know where, in Los Angeles or in Las Vegas or in Europe or something like that, Kahwagi and Belinda, and out of nowhere Belinda (simulates crying sound) and Kahwagi says ‘what’s up?’ and Belinda: ‘I have a problem with my card, with my American Express. I need to pay a million pesos to American Express and I don’t have anyone to do it, could you help me?”, continued the driver.

Christian Nodal and Belinda ended ... there will be no wedding
Christian Nodal announced his separation from Belinda last Saturday, February 12. (Free Press Photo: @belindaynodal_/Instagram)

“And Kahwagi called ‘pay for Belinda’s American Express.’ Arriving I pay you and he never paid him, ”revealed Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

“That’s what they say, but I don’t know if this had already changed and evolved. The question is, should Belinda return the $3 million ring, yes or no?” She concluded, leaving the controversy open.

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One of the strongest rumors about the breakup between Belinda and Christian Nodal states that the couple separated after the interpreter of Beautiful betrayal you borrowed US$4 million from her boyfriend to pay off a debt to the Mexican treasury.

However, this was not what made Christian Nodal angry, but the fact that the singer only required US$500 thousand to pay off your debt.

This deception would have been crucial for the couple to separate and announce that their commitment was definitively canceled after maintaining a relationship for almost two years.

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Belinda and Christian Nodal: reveal the supposed method that the singer uses to take money from her sentimental partners