Belinda confesses what time she gets up and generates controversy

Since Christian Nodal announced the breaking of the marriage commitment with Belindathe Mexican singer has been absent from social networks, only recently we have seen her make small appearances from time to time and her fans have appreciated each of those interactions.

And in one of their last interactions, Belinda confessed what time she gets up plaster has generated controversy among Twitter users, since while some say that she should get up earlier, others have admitted that they are jealous and that they would like to be her so they can get up at the same time.

And it is that, through a brief tweet, the singer of “Love at first sight” pointed out that they were already more than 10:00 in the morning and that it was time to get up, so this has generated controversy among users of the blue bird network, since some suggest that getting up at that time implies a connotation of “laziness”.

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However, there were several users who pointed out that they would like to be able to get up at the same time as the actress from “Accomplices to the rescue” and others pointed out that they do get up at that time, mainly we are talking about young people who are of school age.

While Belinda’s fans pointed out that they are very happy that she suddenly shows signs of life because after the end of their engagement was announced, the singer of “Luz singravida” has been very absent from the social mediaso the fact that they share part of their day-to-day life makes them happy.

Rest is also a way to be productive

With the voluntary confinement that we live in 2020, we learned one thing, sometimes it is also necessary pause within our busy routines and let the body rest because if we don’t let it relax from time to time, then it will take its toll on us at some point.

In addition, we learned to leave behind that misconception that if you don’t spend all day doing something, actually you are not productiveHowever, getting to know yourself, identifying your emotions, working on yourself and recovering from your sadness is also a productive way to spend your days.

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So if Beli, who recently went through a love breakup, not only from her boyfriend of 15 days, but from her fiancé, with whom she hoped to form a life project and a family, decides that she wants to sleep until 10:00 the morning, what’s wrong with pampering yourself some days?

It is the same with you, do not be afraid to sleep one day until noon, only you know your battles, only you know how tired you can feel and need that respite and if you do not hurt anyone else, then there is no reason why you have than waking up at 5:00 in the morning just because others do.

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Belinda confesses what time she gets up and generates controversy