Belinda or Nodal’s new conquest, who dresses better?

After the scandalous separation of Belinda with Christina Nodalenters to scene Aurora Cardenasa real estate investment advisor and businesswoman, who has already begun to be compared to the pop singer, for allegedly being the woman who has stolen the singer’s heart.

Since their breakup, the media, followers and fans from Belinda Y Christian Nodalthey have not taken their finger off the line and are up to date with what is happening with them, for that reason, it is that after seeing Aurora and Christian together during an event in the United States, this speculation of a possible new romance has been triggered.

Both being successful, beautiful and glamorous young women, they have now been pitted against each other in terms of their style, good taste and passion for fashion and clothing. Pitching them against each other as to which of them has the better wardrobe.

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Aurora Cárdenas and Belinda Who dresses better? Photo: Instagram.

This new competition, to which Belinda and Aurora have been involuntarily subjected, is based on the photographs that both upload to their social networks. In them they compare the different styles, colors, combinations, fabrics and shapes of the clothes they wear.

The comparisons began, between the colors that both young women have worn, that is, if Belinda wore a black dress, the immediate comparison is with a dress of the same tone that Aurora has worn and published on her networks.

According to those who know fashion, Aurora Cárdenas opts for tighter silhouettes, while Belinda’s delicacy leads her to choose garments that jump from the tight to a princess cut, going through meters of tulle and even straight dresses.

Obviously, Aurora, being a woman dedicated to the real estate business, tends to dress in a more sober way or formal cuts, while Belinda, being a pop music star, usually gives herself permission to wear more outlandish clothes.

Either way, each woman has her own particular style and taste in clothing. In this case, they are also young people who have the opportunity to receive advice and recommendations on what is trending.

Belinda, being a public figure and artist since she was little, has had the opportunity to work with different brands and companies in fashion, beauty and accessories.

Undoubtedly, Christian Nodal, has known how to be close to beautiful women, with style and with a lot of personality. It is not yet known if that meeting is actually the beginning of a new relationship for the singer, so it only remains to wait to see what happens and what each of those involved declare later.

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Belinda or Nodal’s new conquest, who dresses better?