Belinda reappears without a drop of makeup; her appearance worries fans

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Belinda is slowly recovering his public life After the controversy that aroused the end of your engagement marriage with Christian Nodal. In addition to appearing on the cover of a renowned French magazine alongside Gabriella Gonzalez, the singer has shared images of her day to day; however, this weekend she shared a photograph that aroused the concern of his fans.

It was through their stories of Instagram and account of Twitter what Belinda posted a photo from the comfort of her bed in which she appears lying down wearing a very natural look, Well, he’s not wearing not a drop of makeup.

In the image, the actress -who is a few weeks away from premiering a series welcome to eden from the hand of Netflix- seems to be waking up from a nap. Minutes later, his followers pointed that Belinda looks “depressed” before the last events that it has gone through, such as the death of his grandmother and the break with Nodal.

Immediately, the interpreter of “Love at first sight” began to receive the support of her followers, who commented on the photo with messages of encouragement and wished her success in her future projects.

“Beli you can see the depre cannon, you don’t need to whimper and feel sorry for that you feel and you transmit it … But I tell you something not even the pinch * Nodal it’s worth it, rather be thankful that Diosito took that stone out of the way…”, wrote an Internet user.

In another tweet, the singer thanked her followers for accompanying her throughout her career: Very few fandoms have managed to overcome the timeline, for this and more they are the best, I love them!! BELIFANS”.

“So beautiful Beli you can handle everything! You look super sad, God with you! Courage”, “You are the prettiest, I wish you find the love of your life and be very happy, you are a wonderful woman.” This is how you should treat hate, resting, and seeing the world admire the natural beauty that characterizes you. The extra comments let them spend the night and let the world roll. There are @belindapop for a while”, were other comments left by his fans.

Belinda Schull sends a message to the singer

Through Instagram, Belinda’s mother shared a video where she appears with the singer enjoying some popcorn. A moment that Belinda Schull remembered with nostalgia and with which she expressed her unconditional support for her daughter.

“Being a mommy is loving you and going with you until you die…” Schull wrote in her stories, followed by other photos in which she poses in a gallery in Madrid, Spain.


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Belinda reappears without a drop of makeup; her appearance worries fans