Belinda returns to the 90’s with a hairstyle that you probably wore and a velvet blazer

the famous singer Belinda takes us on a trip to the 90’s with her cute hairstyle that you surely used at that time, also boasts a beautiful piece of clothing, it is a black velvet blazer.

Of the most charming and majestic looks Belinda Peregrin Schull on social networks, where he shares a photo on his official Instagram account to show off his elegant outfit but at the same time with her hairstyle that gives her a youthful and fun touch.

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You can’t deny you never wore those popular little horns in front like a fringethis time Belinda reminds you of those times when we braided our bangs to show off some tiny braids on our foreheads.

Belinda herself as a child combed her hair with a back bun full of coiled strandsthis is how it looks years later to remember that the fashion of the nineties is back, so don’t feel old-fashioned if you do your hair like that again.

As if that were not enough, Belinda boasts a velvet blazer, which she combines with some silver earrings full of diamondsAnd not to mention the makeup of the future wife of Christian Nodal, the lips full of gloss and dark eyeliner.

And as if a 90s hairstyle wasn’t enough, Belinda has also made an impact by posing with the hairstyle of the most nineties, smoothed everything back with the ends out.

Belinda returns to the 90’s with a hairstyle that you probably wore and a velvet blazer. Photo: Special

The followers of the Mexican couple of artists Nodeli They have been out of the loop once again, and that is that Belinda has stopped following her beloved Christian Nodal in Instagramand after receiving the engagement ring in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the only thing that is expected is a wedding.

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A few months ago the same news gave something to talk about and everyone assured that there was a breakup between the pair of singersHowever, then they followed each other again and Christian Nodal deleted all his photos, only uploaded one again with his Beli.

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Therefore, now it has not caused much surprise that the boyfriends and future husbands stop following each other, everything can be a publicity stunt to promote their new music, or not? It could happen that the couple regrets their decision to marry.

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Belinda returns to the 90’s with a hairstyle that you probably wore and a velvet blazer