Belinda, the diva who lives among extravagant luxuries, scandals and romances that end badly

The networks burn with the unleashed fury of Belinda’s fans, who have gone to Christian Nodal’s jugular after the couple’s sudden thunder (well, not so much, if the river sounds, stones carry, and rumors abounded ago months), effectively signaling the end point of their much-vaunted marriage engagement in 2021.

However, this is a repeating pattern: Belinda seems to live by making the most of the attention her romances generate, and not just in advertising. This isn’t the first time she’s had this: ALL of her adult relationships have ended the same way.

Belinda... ¿winning like always? (Photo by Christian Faure/ via Getty Images)

Belinda… winning as always? (Photo by Christian Faure/ via Getty Images)

While there is speculation about the reasons that may exist for the dissolution of the link between the two, the truth is that Belinda is not at her best, neither professionally nor in her personal life, and would have a millionaire debt with the SAT (System of Tax Administration) of Mexico that is unknown if it has been liquidated.

And it is that the singer is used to and is prone to leading a super-luxury and very ostentatious lifestyle, which is extremely difficult to sustain without (one or several) sources of high income and, although she has developed one or another project mainly in the fashion arena, it’s not like I have a sky-high income today.

Let us remember that recently he gave the note for impulsively buying a necklace of 90 thousand pesos with a matching one, of 50 thousand, for his pet monkey, a gift from Nodal, and whose belonging is in question because it is a protected species and its sale to individuals is prohibited by law. And don’t forget the embarrassing controversy over a wig valued at more than 20 thousand pesos that took more than a year to pay.

In short: Belinda is not Kim Kardashian.

Thus, the rumors that Belinda and her family, of which she is the obvious support, are going through a serious economic crisis and this would have directly affected the relationship with Nodal (who, on the other hand, is also the breadwinner of her family). who also tends to spend ostentatiously and excessively, since he is a money-making machine), have been gaining ground, much to the anger of the #belifans (sic), who are loyal to the point of ferocity, but do not really represent a pure and simple income for Belinda.

Yes, he ostensibly designed a line of shoes for mid-priced brand Price Shoes, but no one talks about it, nor did they sell that well; she’s still modeling, but her last high-profile job (for Cartier) was in 2016, her much-talked-about fifth album hasn’t materialized, and her Netflix series ‘Welcome to Eden’ isn’t due out until April. Considering it’s her first acting job — not counting her brief cameo in ‘Baywatch’ — in 13 years.

Everything indicates that the fury that it generated a decade or a little more ago, has been giving way, and that other more striking figures have emerged, and why not say it?, more talented, who have eaten up ground and the fandom is not everything .

Also, there is an element here, a pattern, that is repeated. When the blonde singer had a famous relationship with the illusionist Criss Angel in 2011, at the end of it, he alluded to the fact that everything was not as it seemed and that there was a lot of “external pressure” and that is why they had finished.

Although the fans compulsively attacked the American, the same thing happened when Belinda had her stormy slip with Lupillo Rivera (which lasted too little to qualify as a courtship), which even the girl’s face was famously tattooed. It was said that she spent too much on whims that he was not willing to cover and that this soured the notorious affair between judges of ‘La Voz’ (where she has not returned either).

Thus we reach this point where it rains heavily on Nodal, and he categorically answered the fans who accused him of being ungrateful, saying that he owes his fame to his ex-girlfriend today (which is not entirely true, although somewhat helped, let’s be fair): “I’m disappointed. And as fans, better not continue, and leave the pretty things because the only one affected is going to be Beli if they talk in depth.”

His request that things not be moved anymore has generated a wave of morbidity and it is natural. Belinda really in recent years has dedicated herself to exploiting both the media power of her relationships and her own relationships, since to her bad luck, she wants to lead a lifestyle that she does not work to afford. .


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Belinda, the diva who lives among extravagant luxuries, scandals and romances that end badly