Belinda: this would be the dental treatment for which she would end up fighting with Nodal

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In the month of February, Christian Nodal confirmed that his commitment to Belinda had come to an end, giving rise to endless rumors, as they refused to give more details. So far, that the 23-year-old singer leaked an intimate conversation revealing the green-eyed woman’s interest in money.

New rumors would indicate that Christian Nodal would have ended his love relationship with “Beli” because she asked for a loan of four million pesos to pay off his debts. Although both had remained silent about the true causes of the breakup, a publication by Twitter of the singer would have confirmed the reasons for their separation.

One of the couple’s last fights would have started because she asked him for money to fix her teethbut Nodal would have refused.

After the leak of the conversation, a great doubt began:what was the dental work that the famous wanted to do?

In the most recent issue of Gossip No Like They stated that Belinda had severely damaged teeth.

“From a very good source, from people who work with them, we are not going to say if her team or his, they informed us to investigate because Belinda’s teeth are falling out and we are doing it,” commented Javier Ceriani, who said he did not know why it was so damaged, however, he said he knew what job he applied for at the dental clinic.

“That scandal lives up to the money order, in The breakup of Nodal and Belinda had to do with both the request for money to pay the debts, the four million, and the other reason for the teeth“added the journalist.

According to Javier Ceriani, the singer Belinda would have requested placement of dental crowns, veneers on the teeth and a cleaning.

teeth are expensive… This was not said by the dentist, nor by the clinic that did the work, because it is a very serious place, but a famous person who went there found out that they could seize Netflix for the crowns, the porcelain and the cleaning they did to Belindabecause Belinda’s treatment was not paid for,” Javier commented.

What is the dental work that Belinda underwent?

Dental crowns are covers that fit over a damaged or decayed tooth, to cover and it recovers its shape, resistance, size and improves its appearance. They can last more than 25 years, being the ideal estimated time for it to be kept in good condition from 15 to 20 years.

Veneers are a very thin, highly resistant layer of porcelain that replaces the natural enamel of the teeth. By bonding with your denture, veneers can create a new, natural-looking surface. They are used to improve the color, size and shape of the teeth; alignment and separation.

Dental cleaning is also known as prophylaxis, and consists of that technique that cleans the areas where normal brushing does not reach. Prevents dental diseases.

According to the hosts of the Gossip No Like program, Belinda still owes the dental work that was done at a clinic in Mexico City: “She did not pay, neither Nodal nor Belinda, she left without paying,” they commented.

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Belinda: this would be the dental treatment for which she would end up fighting with Nodal