Beloved Mexican television actress lost everything to Alzheimer’s

The best moment in the acting life of Leonorilda Ochoa came when in 1965 he played Freckles, one of the protagonists of the Beverly de Peralvillo, one of the most mythical series that Mexican television has given. She was not part of the cinema of the golden age of Mexican cinema, but she was a recognized comedian in Mexican entertainment.

For years he was part of the industry in soap operas like “To reach a star” and “I live for Elena”. A year into the filming of this latest drama, the artist was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a disease for which there is still no cure.

The maximum symptom attributable to this disease, according to the Clinic MayIt is memory impairment, difficulty in making plans, solving problems, confusing the passage of time, among others.

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He missed work

Because the symptoms were not so severe, the actress was able to get around the job without much trouble and was even hired in 2002 for the soap opera “That’s how they are. ”

Complications related to the condition did not come into her life until about two years later, when she was named as part of the casting of “Ruby“, after the producer Jose Alberto Castro hear the complaints that Leonorilda had for being relegated from the stage.

Forgetting his dialogues and getting confused on set were the great obstacles that the television star had to face during these years and they began to decline in his career. Despite this, Castro took her to her next project, “Postal Code”, which was recorded in 2006.

Among these projects he had participations in “From Gayola” with Horatio Villalobos and “Woman, real life casesl. “After this, she was not hired again for any project, because she still wanted to continue earning a living to support herself and her family. The lack of work caused her health to begin to deteriorate rapidly.

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His last years

In 2009, his daughter Paola He confessed that the actress had been diagnosed with the disease years before. Due to its clinical condition, Ochoa She was taken to a nursing home where she was hospitalized for the remainder of her life.

The stay in this place was not peaceful for her, because her children began a battle legal. Sergio, one of them, accused his only sister of having taken advantage of the artist’s suffering to make her sign the papers that gave her control of her assets.

Leonorilda He died on May 22, 2016, without the conflict between his offspring ending, of pneumonia. According to his children, the death of the star was quiet and in his bed. He was 77 years old.

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Beloved Mexican television actress lost everything to Alzheimer’s