Ben Affleck talks about his new life with Jennifer Lopez for the first time

The reconciliation of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez As a couple seventeen years after their breakup, this has been one of the most notable events in the social chronicle of 2021. After the actress and singer broke her engagement with Álex Rodríguez and the interpreter ended his engagement with Ana de Armas, the couple seems to be happier than ever on their second chance. However, despite the notorious occasions in which they have shared movie kisses and signs of affection in this new, more mature stage of their relationship, neither Ben Affleck nor Jennifer López had wanted to say too much about their courtship. At least that’s how it had been until now, since, in an interview with Wall street journal, the protagonist of Pearl harbor He has opened his heart to talk about his feelings for Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, it seems like a romantic movie … but it’s reality


Ben Affleck has explained that he does not want to give information about his personal life to the press and has spoken of it as a mistake that he already made in the past and that he does not want to repeat.. In spite of everything, the Hollywood star has reflected on his new stage with Jennifer López, who has assured that it began in a “very beautiful” way. The actor has been so in love that he has confessed that he does not even rule out the possibility of going through the altar with the Bronx star: “The most important thing is to be a good father. The second most important, a good man. And a good person. And also a good husband. Hopefully,” said Affleck.

The protagonist of Armageddon not only does he disagree with the saying “second parts were never good”, but has assured to feel so grateful for all the second chances that have been presented to him throughout his life, including the one who now lives with JLo. “I am aware that other people do not even have a first chance. I have had second chances in my career. I have had second chances as a human being …”, said Ben Affleck before saying that his story with Jennifer Lopez is worth being written and that, one day, perhaps he will: “I’ll write it all down. And then I’ll set it on fire!”, the interpreter joked, firm in his idea of ​​keeping his privacy safe.

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It is no wonder that today Ben Affleck wants to maintain the privacy of Bennifer – as they are affectionately known – within the personal realm. Above all, considering that during his first courtship the couple became one of the most mediatic and persecuted by the press in the early 2000s and that, years later, it was the actors themselves who revealed that media pressure had been responsible for ending their commitment in 2004.

– Complicity and a lot of love in the most romantic walk of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Despite his scant details, Ben Affleck has made no secret that he is in a very happy stage of his life and has highlighted that, to this day, he is “the person he wants to be”, who has learned to accept his mistakes and to improve to be as authentic as possible. An interview that comes after he and Jennifer Lopez have taken another step in formalizing their relationship, which is celebrating Thanksgiving together.

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Ben Affleck talks about his new life with Jennifer Lopez for the first time