Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichín were kissing in a Buenos Aires bowling alley

Benjamin Vicuña and Eli Sulichin kissing

The relationship is already more than consolidated. However, so far no one had seen Benjamin Vicuna so caramelized with his new girlfriend, Eli Sulichin, as it could be seen last Saturday in a well-known disco on the waterfront. The Chilean heartthrob and the Bachelor of Marketing went to see the show of Tini Stoessel to the Palermo Hippodrome. And, later, they attended, together with other celebrities, the party organized by the singer to celebrate the success of her presentations.

According to what they recorded on the Instagram account of THE M, the actor and the young woman gave free rein to their passion while they danced to the rhythm of the songs of the moment on the Tequila dance floor. And, without worrying about the cameras or prying eyes, they pampered each other and kissed intensely. In fact, at one point and taking advantage of the chorus of a song, Eli hung up on Benjamin. And they both enjoyed the moment.

just a few days ago, Vicuña had come out at the crossroads of criticism from her ex, Eugenia The China Suarezwho in a post had questioned his role as the father of two of his children: Magnolia Y Amancio. Toco began when the actress had been questioned for having left her three boys-she is also the mother of Ruffina of your partner with Nicholas Cabre– to spend the night in a hotel with her current boyfriend, rushing.

“Regarding my motherhood… the women we live with our children 24/7 (except one day when the father has them, when he can, of course, because he travels a lot for ‘work’) we do what we can. And I assure you that I do very well. Stop fucking with me because I won’t shut up”, the ex had written Teen Angels in a Twitter post, at the same time that the Chilean was in Miami with his girlfriend.

Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichín have been together since the end of last year (Instagram)
Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichín have been together since the end of last year (Instagram)

Thus, back in Buenos Aires and while taking Benicioone of the children he had with Carolina pampita ardoheanto see the recital of Mau and Ricky at the Movistar Arena, Vicuña was approached by the press who asked him about China’s comment. “I do not speak. I’m not going to talk about her or about her at the time of her. It seems to me that she does not correspond to me“, he pointed. And he added in a serious tone: “The things we should talk about, which are about our children, we have a form and that’s it. The rest, I can’t go out and comment on things that don’t belong to me.”

Then, at the chronicler’s insistence, Alexander Castillothe protagonist of the first of us remained on the same page: “I’m not talking about her, It is a subject that is very closed. Let her look for her forms, but she is already there. It’s over”. And when asked if he was all right with his ex, he replied: “I keep that to myself, I don’t talk about her anymore. I think she is a grown woman”.

Finally, the journalist asked her about her ex’s alleged new boyfriend. “Do you know Rusher?”. “Who?” replied the actor. “To Rusherking”. Benjamín shook his head and his voice, and when the chronicler slipped that the couples could be introduced, a smile was drawn on him before saying goodbye with a kiss and a reproach with good vibes: “This is bad. It’s bad, bad, “he said pointing to it, and to enter the venue where Montaner’s children were going to perform their show.


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Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichín were kissing in a Buenos Aires bowling alley