Benjamín Vicuña enjoys his single life: new apartment, a lot of work and outings

Benjamin Vicuña

Days go by and lower the temperature of the scandal that involved the marriage between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi with Eugenia the China Suarez, designated as the third in contention. As an indirect protagonist, Benjamin Vicuña, recently separated from the actress after five years of relationship, adopted a low profile and stayed as far as possible from the issue that has been on the front page of the news portals for ten days.

At this time, the Chilean barely made a public reference, to support whoever was his partner and is the mother of his youngest children, Magnolia and Amancio, from whom he separated last August. “I cannot let go of the violence that is generated in the media and networks against a woman that I love and respect as the mother of my children”, he wrote on his Instagram stories.

As he could know TeleshowIn those days, Benjamin communicated privately with China after the actress was at the center of the controversy and received disqualifying insults. The Chilean offered his support since his ex-partner is far from his affections going through the scandal, and he wants her to be on her feet to avoid that, in addition, her children see her sad or fallen.

Benjamín Vicuña is recording a strip for Telefe (Instagram)
Benjamín Vicuña is recording a strip for Telefe (Instagram)

In the distance, Benjamin tries to hold Eugenia and denied having been the one who alerted Nara to the existence of the link between his ex-partner and Icardi, and that would have even disqualified her. Something that he also took care of denying those versions to the actress in private. “I would never say something like this about a woman I love very much and who is the mother of two of my children. I consider the mistreatment of a woman unacceptable. No one has the right to refer to anyone in a derogatory way. And less of a woman “The actor told his inner circle in the midst of the controversy and emphasized that he is not the protagonist of this story.

Meanwhile, no new partners unless they are known publicly, and after denying the versions that brought him closer to Luciana Salazar, the Chilean continues to enjoy being single and focused on his work commitments. Record from Monday to Saturday The first of us, the dramatic comedy that will be seen on Telefe and where he shares a cast with Paola Krum, Luciano Castro, Jorgelina Aruzzi, Damián de Santo and Mercedes Funes. “Between scene and dressing room scene”, he wrote during a break from the recording sessions, where he hints that he takes advantage of it to take a nap.

"home", the new house of Benjamín Vicuña (Instagram)
“Home”, the new house of Benjamín Vicuña (Instagram)

This afternoon he used his Instagram account again to communicate with his more than two million followers. “It’s just a matter of attitude”The actor wrote in a photo he posted on his Instagram on Tuesday, in which he is seen smiling and relaxed. The phrase from a well-known song by Fito Páez, a wink to the artist from Rosario, who last Saturday gave a concert in tribute to Charly garcia at the Teatro Colón, which had the Chilean among its assistants.

In addition, in his recent publications the actor was shown sharing moments with Benicio, Beltrán and Bautista, the male children she had with Pampita Ardohain, with whom does he maintain an increasingly affectionate relationship. But the actor’s activity in cyberspace did not end there, where he showed how he is decorating his new bachelor’s departmentor. “Home” he wrote as an epigraph, to illustrate the living room of his home, where wide libraries can be seen in the dim light and the balcony can be seen. Then an evening image of the same environment was uploaded, which allows us to appreciate the large balcony with greater clarity.

The living room of Benjamín Vicuña's apartment (Instagram)
The living room of Benjamín Vicuña’s apartment (Instagram)


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Benjamín Vicuña enjoys his single life: new apartment, a lot of work and outings