Bergüzar Korel, actress of “Arabian Nights” became a mother for the third time

Several years after starring in the telenovela “”(“ Binbir Gece ”, in its original language), actress Bergüzar Korel gave birth to a girl, thus becoming a mother for the third time. Her daughter is the product of her romantic relationship with actor Halit Ergenç, with whom she worked in the successful Turkish production.

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The international fame of Bergüzar Korel came when she played the remembered Sherezade who in “Arabian Nights“, Is the couple of Onur, who was played by who would later become her husband and father of her children, Halit ergenç.

The birth of your little girl Leyla was registered on November 3, 2021 in a hospital in Istanbul. With this, the family of Bergüzar Korel and Halit ergenç increased to five members, since the couple has two other sons.


The remembered actress Bergüzar Korel she became a mother again after she gave birth to her daughter Leyla who was highly anticipated by all members of her family and friends.

Little Leyla was born in the private hospital of Maslak, located in Istanbul (Turkey). The excited father, Halit ergenç, did not separate from his wife expecting the delivery to occur normally. The couple’s other children, Ali and Han, were also at the hospital hoping to see their new baby sister.

It should be remembered that the news of the pregnancy came just when Bergüzar Korel She had decided to resume her television career after dedicating herself fully to her children for three years. Faced with this news, the actress had to leave the series “Kanlı Yayın”, and dedicate herself to her pregnancy.

Before giving birth and through your social networks, Bergüzar Korel She showed her advanced state of pregnancy before the arrival of her third daughter. And within weeks of giving birth, on October 10, she held a baby shower party with her closest friends.


The celebration prior to the arrival of Leyla took place in October 2021 when the actor couple held a baby shower in the company of their family and friends.

This baby shower was held in the Hotel Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus, and all pink items were used. The excited mother showed her belly happy, and wore a white dress tight to the body. For his part, the father posed with his wife very affectionate in each of the photos for the memory.

Actress Bergüzar Korel gave birth to her daughter Leyla


Halit ergenç is recognized for giving life to Onur, a man who does not trust women for having suffered a deception a long time ago and because when he was very young, his father abandoned them to go with another woman. In addition, he is the owner of the important construction company Binyapi and his favorite book “The Thousand and One Nights”.

Another important role for the 51-year-old Turkish actor and singer is Sultan Suleiman in the historical soap opera “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”. He was also part of productions like “Aliye”, “Vatanım Sensin” and “Babil”.


Bergüzar Korel is a Turkish actress and singer, best known for her role as Sherazade in the Turkish series “Binbir Gece”. It is about a brilliant architect who lost her husband, Ahmed Evliyaoğlu, in an accident and was left alone with a small five-year-old son named Kaan (Efe Çınar), who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

The 39-year-old interpreter recorded her first album called Aykut Gürel presents Bergüzar Korel, in addition, she appeared in soap operas such as “Bitmeyen Şarkı”, “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”, “Karadayı” and “Vatanım Sensin”

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Bergüzar Korel, actress of “Arabian Nights” became a mother for the third time