Between diapers and sleepless nights, Francisca and Carlos tell how they are doing as new parents

Just a few months ago our presenters Francisca and Carlos Calderon they became parents, she from Gennaro and he from Lion, who came to the world to change their lives completely.

During the show this Wednesday, our hosts talked about how tired and awake their nights have been since the arrival of these little angels, especially because you have to get up early for Despierta América: “You get tired once and that’s it. you never stop being tired“Commented the Mexican with a great sense of humor, while the former beauty queen pointed out that” I don’t even think about it anymore.


Raul Gonzalez He wanted to know if both Gennaro and León are still fed at dawn, to which Carlos replied that he and his fiancée Vanessa Lyon they have to get up every three to four hours to feed their baby. In addition, he pointed out that Leoncito’s crying enchants him because “ it’s my new alarm clock”.

For her part, Francisca revealed that Gennaro “lengthens” her night and does not wake up for many hours, which allows her to have a longer sleep time, qualifying it as “ a big gift”, Because the presenter has to get up very early to be on time on the set of Despierta América.

Gennaro Zampogna, the adoration of Francisca

Through social networks, the host has let us be part of the growth of baby Gennaro, who is about to meet four months of life.

With several photographs and videos, the Dominican shares her happiness at having become a mother, despite the fact that her pregnancy it was difficult as he recently revealed in an interview with Jomari Goyso who suffered from depression and it was not something I expected to experience.

Francisca confesses that she suffered depression during pregnancy: “It was not what I expected”

Also, although baby Gennaro is still tiny, Francisca confessed that she does not rule out the possibility of giving him one or more little brothers to her “little prince” despite how badly he went through her pregnancy: “ Of course I want to have children, and it is super weird because I did not have a good time in my pregnancy, I do not know if it was the hormones, if it was the finding out that I had covid “.

Gennaro was born on July 7, and from that moment Francisca has devoted herself body and soul to taking care of him, but also to making sure that her first word is “ mother“, So in the same talk with Jomari, he confessed he felt” shattered“By not being present when, according to the Spaniard, the little one said it for the first time.

Francisca makes sure baby Gennaro’s first word is “mom” and her husband Francesco reacts

Carlos Calderón and his love for his baby León

A few months after Gennaro came to the world, the Despierta América family received the news that the new member had been born. It was him September 5 and León was received with much love by his father Carlos and his mother Vanessa.

The Mexican presenter has also taken advantage of social networks to share with all his followers how proud he and Vanessa are of their first-born, and as part of having a record of how he is growing, they publish photos and videos of him.

They recently surprised with their family photo dressed up as ‘Star Wars’ characters to celebrate the day of Halloween, in which we see Vanessa as ‘Princess Leia’, Carlos as ‘Darth Vader’ and baby León as ‘Grogu’ (baby ‘Yoda’).

For its part, Vanessa Lyon is the one who has shown much more what it has been like to become new mother, with everything and the nights awake to feed the little one Leon Calderon.

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Between diapers and sleepless nights, Francisca and Carlos tell how they are doing as new parents