Between postures, the “Cuban” gives the best advice to her followers

Livia Brito, reappeared again on Instagram with a flirtatious top with which she is recorded before the camera following a series of postures that she showed her faithful “LIVIAnados” after giving them an effective advice.

The television actress, Livia Brito appears in a video clip in which she is captured following a posture tutorial, which she adopts to achieve a good moment of relaxation, which she suggested to her 6.8 million subscribers on Instagram.

The interpreter of “La Desalmada” is a faithful exercise regular and one of her frequent activities on social networks is to share her various training routines, to which she attributes the results on her figure.

I highly recommend my #Bebesdeluz the @alomoves app…They have many yoga classes, meditation, skills and more…Always take 15 minutes a day to meditate and do yoga, reads the publication of the “native of Ciego de Avila”.


Livia Brito is recorded in various positions and invites her fans. Photo: Capture Instagram

Livia Brito reappears again on Instagram and steals glances in a sporty look when she is captured with a white top and dark pants from a room in which she appears sitting doing various postures that help her relax her muscles.

The “Cuban actress”, Livia Brito, has dedicated several hours of her time to sculpt her silhouette, various routines in which the famous 35-year-old, who will turn 36 on July 21, also includes yoga sessions that contribute to a health not only physical but also spiritual.

The interpreter of “La Desalmada” appears in a new postcard in which she is captured in a profile image with a look that exposed her marked abdomen.

The faithful assiduous to the fitness life shares one more of the tips that complement her fitness habits and that have led her to obtain great results which are obvious.

A couple of glances would focus on the abdomen of the remembered interpreter of “Fernanda Sandoval” in “Triunfo del amor”, who always proudly boasts the marked area of ​​her waist.

The star of screen productions such as “Italian Girl Comes to Marry” (2014-2015), “I Love You, I Love You” (2013-2014), “Ab!smo de pas!ón” (2012), “Médicos : Line of life” (2019-2020) among others, appeared in front of a television from which you can choose the sessions that best suit you.

The remembered “Yolanda Cadena Lesmes” in two seasons of the production broadcast in (2017-2018), reproduced each of the exercises while it was recorded in a video for their social networks.

Surely, the “queen of Tik Tok”, would make the pupil of her faithful “LIVIAnados” enjoy, although the actress’s constancy of plays such as “El Postman”, comes from a young age, is a very important part of her daily life as can be seen.

The well-remembered presenter of “Dancing for a Dream”, Livia Brito Pestana, who collaborated in film with titles like “The Perfect Dictatorship”, not only inspires her followers with routines and the plan of a healthy life.

The daughter of Rolando Brito and Gertrudis Pestana, shares much more of her life without excepting her frequent trips to the beach as it is one of the favorite places of the “model”, who frequently travels in the company of her current partner, Mariano Martínez, who is also his personal trainer.

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Between postures, the “Cuban” gives the best advice to her followers