Biby Gaytán returns to television as the protagonist in a new series

After 13 years of staying away from soap operas, the Mexican actress Biby Gaytan come back to tv like protagonist in new series. The television producer of Televisa, Juan Osorio, who is in charge of the project that contemplates the return of the actress to the small screen, was the one who confirmed the news, surprising everyone.

Upon leaving Televisa, the television producer was approached by the media, where he confirmed that Biby Gaytan will be the protagonist of the new version of the series that María Victoria starred in in 1972 and which was very successful.

“We are going to do the series La Criada bien Criada, which is now called Despacito very Despacito, and she is going to be the protagonist, and the truth is that I am delighted to have worked with her the pilot,” he commented.

Juan Osorio explained that with Biby Gaytan The pilot has already been recorded, and it is all a matter of the directors of Televisa giving the green light to the project so that it can start recording as soon as possible. In addition, from his encounter with Biby Gaytan She was always accompanied by her husband, who at all times took care of her and guided her in her performance.

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“He is a very intelligent man, who takes great care of her and participates, so I think it is going to be a very nice project,” he said.

Given this, the reporters’ question arose about the rumor that for years has circulated as an open secret, in which, it is said, that Eduardo Capetillo was the one who drove away Biby Gaytan of acting out of jealousy and overprotection, thus avoiding awkward scenes with other actors.

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The television producer, who was married years ago to Niurka Marcos, defended the position of the husband of Biby Gaytan, the actor Eduardo Capetillo, who did not leave his side during the recording of the pilot, which Juan Osorio described as positive, and a great gentleman.

“I have to tell you, I’m going to talk about what I sat down to talk to him. Mr. Capetillo is a very respectful person, he read the script, listened to the proposal, and the only thing I’m going to tell you is that he was in the recordings, he supported me all the time, he guided Biby, I have a great ally with Mr. Capetillo ”, he explained.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the return of Biby Gaytan the performance made all his fans and other fans of the TV soaps, who wanted for a long time to see her again acting on the small screen, although for a couple of years she was able to return to the theater in the musical Chicago, as well as as a judge in the singing program Little gigants.

As if that were not enough, during the health contingency, the beautiful Biby Gaytan and his family were released as influencers through YouTube, where they share original content on recipes, beauty tips, as well as the promotion of various tourist sites they have visited. Without a doubt, a whole case of cuteness.

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Biby Gaytán returns to television as the protagonist in a new series